Do not upgrade to Copter-4.2.2 [resolved]

After a week of beta testing Copte-4.2.2 was release today but we have one early report of altitude hold instability. Although this is only one report so far, we are rolling back “stable” to 4.2.1 until we can confirm the cause.

Please do not upgrade to 4.2.2 for now.

Note: Plane-4.2.2 and Rover-4.2.2 are fine as far as we know.


Hi Randy,
Should this be one if those sticky warnings at the top of the forum?

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Yes, thanks. Done now.

@rmackay9 4.2.2 still has the Stable tag on it and Mission Planner is showing the reminder to upgrade to 4.2.2

Hi @CraigElder,

Thanks for noticing that. It was correctly showing 4.2.1 for some time but something has changed. I’ll work with Tridge and PeterB today to get 4.2.2 out in beta again.

After reviewing the problem report, we don’t think there actually is a problem with 4.2.2 so we have re-released 4.2.2-rc2 for an extra week of beta testing.