Copter-4.2.2-rc2 available for beta testing!

Copter-4.2.2-rc2 has been released for beta testing and can be downloaded using MP or QGC’s beta firmwares link or it can be directly downloaded from

This is exactly the same as the 4.2.2-rc1 release but we’re re-releasing it to allow another week of beta testing. The changes vs 4.2.1 are in the ReleaseNotes and copied below.

  1. MambaH743v4 and MambaF405 MK4 autopilot support
  2. Second full harmonic notches available (see INS_HNTC2_ parameters)
  3. UAVCAN memory usage reduced (see CAN_Dn_UC_POOL parameter to control DroneCAN pool size)
  4. VTOL QuikTune lua script added
  5. Watchdog (caused by hardfault) saves crash dump logs to SD card
  6. Bug fixes
    a) Circle mode stops below altitude fence
    b) CRSF protection against watchdog on bad frames
    c) CRSF reset in flight handled
    d) FFT init watchdog fix when ARMING_REQUIRE=0 (not actually possible on Copter)
    e) OSD flight modes menu includes newer flight modes
    f) Param download (via MAVFTP) fixed for params with overlapping names
    g) PWM rangefinder bug fix and added SCALING parameter support
    h) Replay bug fix when EK3_SRCs changed
    i) SERIALx_OPTION fix when “Don’t forward mavlink to/from” selected (resolves MAVLink gimbal detection)
    j) TradHeli Autotune fix which could cause incorrect gains to be loaded
    k) VL53L1X rangefinder preserves addresses

Any testing results whether positive or negative are greatly appreciated!