DO_MOUNT_CONTROL imapacts drone yaw control

i use ArduCopter V4.0.0-dev simualation.

After moving the drone’s yaw, if you give Camera Gimbal control, the drone’s yaw and Gimbal camera move together.(I am using viewprotech’s q10f gimbal.)
My command is as follows 'DO_MOUNT_CONTROL(systemid,componentid,pitch,roll,yaw,altitude,latitude,longitude,Mode)
system id -> 0x01
comp id - > 154

How can I use DO_MOUNT_CONTROL to not affect the drone’s yaw?

it’s the same as here Gimbal interprets cardinal directions as relative azimuth. Funny it comes up twice now LOL

So, is there a command that can replace Do_Mount_control?
If there is an error in the gimbal operation command, other peoples are curious about how to manipulate the gimbal.

You need to configure the camera mount parameters, explicitly telling ArduPilot that the gimbal has an yws axis. Once the FW knows that the gimbal can YAW, it will no longer yaw the body of the copter.