DJI S1000+ w/ Pixhawk Landing Gear Problem

I’m having issues with Landing gear that seemingly spontaneously retract. Upon further notice, I realized it was occurring when the NO RC Receiver Failsafe and/or the NO GPS Fix Failsafe engages.

I thought I had everything programmed to even continue on the mission in the event of an RC Receiver connection loss, but it sure wanted to RTL really badly during my last few flights. Anyone who could help or point me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it.

Can someone help me evaluate my logs from mission planner?

2020-06-15 19-19-06.tlog (467.1 KB)
2020-06-15 19-15-41.log (619.5 KB)

I think during GPS or No RC Receiver fail safes sends the wrong signal to the landing gear somehow or just retract for no apparent reason to me. I can’t find the problem in Mission planner; I’ve spent hours. Thanks again!