Dev Call Nov 5, 2018 2300 UTC

Issues & Pull Requests



  • plane 3.9.3beta1,
  • Bug in RC channel count check


  • Copter-3.6 issues including VFR_HUD change to report ASL instead of Relative Alt

Mateksys has offered to send a developer or two an F765 based flight controller. Any volunteers to do the port?

Attendee count (max): 20


  • New version of ChibiOS has been in master for a while

    • Should consider moving to it on stable?

UTC2300 - battery parameter conversion broken on 3.6


  • Removes some older parameter conversion code

    • Only people upgrading from something built in 2013 will be affected
  • For those that have installed current Plane stable

    • If they’ve fixed it in Plane then the fix will stick
  • Could be bad in Copter as it does have defaults for the battery failsafe stuff

  • This is an important fix for Copter and Plane

  • Randy will test this

UTC2305 -

  • Sometimes doing the sqrt and checking for NAN is actually a fast way of doing things

  • Need to make sure we’re not doing isnan checks afterwards

  • MdB quickly found a problem where blindly changing to safe_sqrt was the wrong fix

    • He will provide a patch

    • Not a good place to use safe_sqrt

  • Base it on floating point exceptions enabled in SITL?

  • We already die in SITL unless no-fpe is set, and you might want to replicate what will happen on stm32 - and this PR would stop that happening

UTC2305 -

  • Minimal fix

  • Doing this on the IO thread would be better

  • Merged!

UTC2310 -

  • ChibiOS IO processor firmware

  • As part of the continuing efforts to get rid of the PX4/NuttX submodules

  • Adds IO failsafe

  • Adds DSM support

  • DSM binding

  • Marge set of patches

  • Please test this!

  • Fixes a race condition

    • Intermittent Safety switch on boot issue

    • Fixes BRD_SAFETYENABLE intermittency

  • Hopefully 3 weeks to remove NuttX/PX4 Firmware submodules

  • Appeal for testing will go out

  • MdB will test after the call

    • Manual mask and safety mask

UTC2319 -

  • No update, tridge has been busy!

  • Along with lots of other devcall-marked issues

  • And one for Leonard

UTC2320 -

  • Needs to zero the structure

  • Check the return value of set_home and don’t lock a bad position in!

UTC2334 - changed the VFR_HUD message

  • Altitude in MinimOSD relative to Sea level ?!

  • Should we switch back?

  • Should we add a parameter so people can change it?

  • Minimosd

    • Only a couple of versions we care about
  • HOTT and graupner

  • JP: we need to get it right at our end

  • Use devop bit to get back old behaviour

  • For people that can’t update their minimosd firmware


  • Would like to use minimosd as a screen update protocol rather than mavlink

    • Use existing ArduPilot OSD code

    • Would also future-proof things

  • Mavlink screen-painting message?

  • Peter will add a devop bit to get back old behaviour

    • Add comment on discuss post
  • Need to work on getting testers before we issue stable

  • Working with consumers of our telemetry stream

  • Users don’t update?

UTC2350 - akshath and swarming

UTC0002 - Plane updates

  • 3.9.3beta1 is out this-morning

  • Minimum necessary changes from 3.9.2

  • Tridge found a situation where corrupt RC input would induce a crash

    • Unlikely to happen in practise

    • Range-checking issue

  • Fix speed-scaling on very fast aircraft

    • Old limit between 0.5 and 2

    • Very fast jet 250km/h needed scaling all the way up

  • 3 new boards added

  • Gpio numbers are now consistent across all boards

  • 50-55 for first 6 aux channels

  • Kakute fixes

  • Should be a quick beta

  • RC options bit to disable s.bus failsafe is not in master yet

    • Lots of OBC stuff to pull in

UTC0007 - Copter update with Randy

  • 3.6 went out a week ago

  • Bunch of things have come up


    • A number have already been fixed in last 48 hours or so

    • Downgrading has been fixed

    • D-shot dma thing is in progress

    • No sd cards can’t do terrain following

      • Should be able to use laser

      • Need to fix missions

    • In SITL vehicle will skip spline waypoint

      • On Leonard’s plate
    • Performance issue on uavcan is with Francisco

    • Compass switching on EKF3 is happening a lot

      • With Paul
  • 3.6.1 will be getting more hardware definitions

  • 3.6.1 beta will start today

UTC0010 - Rover update with Randy

  • Beta soonish

  • Sailboats are in master

  • Iampete has done documentation!

  • Since we put in external position estimate support there’s a constant stream of people using it

UTC0016 - partner’s call tomorrow morning

UTC0016 - Canberra dev meetup!

  • deposit for conference are being paid

  • 23rd and 24th of March

    • Solid dates

    • Book your plane tickets now!

  • Turn up ahead of time for MORE fun!

  • Separate smaller meeting room with projector earlier days than the conference

  • Applications to funding committee early would be a good idea

    • It’s a devteam conference

      • But special cases might be looked at
    • JP: It will only be funding for a very small number. Preference is for sponsored (employer?) attendance where possible

  • Book your rooms!

    • Proper announcement as to where will be made on the Discourse server

    • Including a discount code

    • Rooms will be a little cheaper than last time

  • Advertising starts now

  • We’d love to see lots of our newer developers come along

  • Will be using lake to show boats off

  • Arduplane off floats would be nice

    • Would have to go to Belconnen to do this
  • Olivier is going to try to make it

UTC0023 - vector graphic logo

  • Any reason not to create and add to repo?

  • In the ardupilot_wiki on the trademark page

UTC0024 - trademark is moving along

  • Sflc is chasing it for us