Dev Call Apr 22 2019 2300 UTC

Issues & Pull Requests



  • update on watchdog code (including in-flight reboot successful test on a plane)

11:22 PM


Attendee count (max): 22

UTC2302 -

  • Sending jump information to GCS

  • Should we be sending so much text to the GCS?

  • Two good reasons for it

    • Currently no way to track jumps

      • Has confused users before

      • Jump counts of zero

    • Should include mission item count ‘though

  • [9:06 AM] (Channel) MdB: I hate status texts, but this is the only insight, which is fairly relevant for state tracking…

  • [9:06 AM] (Channel) MdB: avoiding #'s in the string would be good though

  • [9:06 AM] To Weekly devcall: As in literal hashes?

  • AndrewTridgell: Jump 17 4/-1

  • [9:07 AM] To Weekly devcall: s/-1/Inf/?

  • Only call into this if we actually do the jump

  • Need to do it all the time, even if we’re not going to take the jump

  • [9:10 AM] (Channel) AndrewTridgell: Jump to 17 (4 of 5)

  • Other conditional jumps should include details

UTC2308 -

  • Tridge hasn’t had a chance to look at this yet

  • Qacro with rate mode wasn’t setting pitch/roll values for logging

  • Minimal patch to set from multicopter controller

  • This also does qstab

  • Rate mode stab is done in qacro so it calls stabilize methods

  • AttitudeControl routine being modified should only be being called by QuadPlane

    • Should be comment there saying that
  • There’s various other methods in AC_AttitudeControl which are QuadPlane-only

  • merged!

UTC2316 - and

  • Merged - but the other didn’t rebase cleany; Pierre should rebase and check everything went in

UTC2322 -

  • Killed this as it should be floats anyway

UTC2328 -

  • Ccache disabled?

  • Maybe do a ccache -C as last part of the run?

  • Are we going to move the gcc forward from 4.9?

    • Next stable of Copter and Plane so we’re off NuttX

UTC2335 -

  • Template patch was removed

  • Merged

UTC2336 - rangefinder prearm checks

UTC2337 -

  • Already addresses

UTC2337 -

  • Restore plane throttle min behaviour

  • merged!

UTC2339 -

  • Merged!

UTC2341 -

  • Merged!

UTC2343 -

  • Plane: qstabilize throttle midpoint and expo

  • merged!

UTC2346 -

  • Only save gains when landed in autotune for quadplane

  • Minor cleanup for functions suggested by Randy

  • Save-gains-using-a-switch?

  • autotune wasn’t always a flightmode

  • What happened to saving gains with a switch?

  • If you take off again in autotune it will use the new gains

  • Going low-high on the switch should use new gains?!

    • We should test this again

    • Will raise an issue

  • landing/disarming when doing single axes?

    • How does it interact with flicking RC channel option?

UTC2351 -

  • Peter gave a bad method name - will need to be changed

  • Should we make it take a uint8_t?

    • There’s the signed/unsigned char issue
  • Check error return values are consistent

  • Maybe return a bool and a reference to return value?

UTC0002 -

  • Bugs fixed and tested

  • Flag in sim aircraft to give kinematic consistence

UTC0006 -

  • Rebased and pushed up

  • Looks like a good fix from MdB

UTC0011 -

  • Tridge doesn’t like having a single mode.h file

  • Neither does Peter

  • Massive number of files

    • As in an extra 24 files in Copter
  • Does this clean up really help?

  • Need to slow down the rate of change for stable releases

UTC0020 -

  • Added a failsafe for moving channel values

  • Tridge adding a comment and closing

UTC0023 -

  • Not rebased

  • Files are going away

  • MdB is unhappy with scripting modifications

UTC0025 -

  • Randy will try to test this

  • Probably a mission item ordering problem

    • Do vs nav

UTC0026 -

  • don’t publish frozen compass data

  • Requires 30milligauss of noise from compass

    • If you have a really good quality compass it will be marked unhealthy

    • E.g. arming and taking off with really good compass could become a problem

  • If there’s a particular compass that exhibits the problem we should look at why it is happening

  • Are we checking return values in qmc driver?

  • Maybe this has already been solved by one of tridge’s patches? (see issue)

  • Closed this

UTC0031 -

  • Respect condition yaw during landing

  • Assigned to Randy

    • merged!
  • Replaces an old one from Jon

UTC0033 -

  • fix TECS true airspeed rate

  • Do we want the filter on the true airspeed rate demand?

    • If we get a massive spike with this filter then effects will last forever
  • Can probably be closed

  • Tridge will think about it

    • With a comment to reopen if the LPF is thought to be needed

UTC0038 -

  • Peter’s brain left out to lunch

  • Will need to get back to this

UTC0044 - baro vs gps checks

  • Use an atmosphere model

  • Need some hysteresis?

  • Should we mark a baro as bad if we seem really bad temperatures?

  • People could arm at very low pressures and high alts

  • Should check temperatures one against the other

UTC0049 - GSoC update

  • Asked for 5 slots

UTC0050 - notch filters not working?

UTC0051 - Plane update

  • New stable release

  • Stm32 watchdog timer

  • Plane 3.9.8 release

  • IOMCU processor

    • Can’t change protocol because of NuttX support ATM

    • Silly protocol

    • Does correctly reset safety state etc and updates mixer and gives a flyable Plane

    • Setting default rate to servos is broken

      • Probably still have a flyable plane

      • But we can do better

  • CAN timeout needs work

  • Watchdog stuff is in master

  • Ongoing discussion as to when Copter will get it

    • Definitive logging of watchdog event is the good bit

    • Distinguishing brown-out vs CPU-lockup is the tricky bit

  • Septentrino GPS patch will go into next beta

  • Tested lockup in flight - in flight

    • Can restore altitude and attitude and rearm it after an in-flight lockup

    • [10:58 AM] (Channel) LV: armed with right rudder stick ???

    • [10:59 AM] To Weekly devcall: @Luis: yep!

    • [10:59 AM] (Channel) LV: so plane flew right because of the arming procedure ?

    • [10:59 AM] To Weekly devcall: Yep. But I rolled it left a little :wink:

  • The mavlink command - should we have this?

  • Should we tight-loop?

  • We tried it on a Copter too

    • Not so good

    • Would have needed to be at 150 or 160 metres

    • Heli would work

UTC0101 - Copter update


  • Randy’s been looking through the issues a little

  • Funny report from Marco this-morning on an unexplained crash

  • Falling a little behind Plane on releases

  • Almost ready to start beta testing on next Copter stable

UTC0102 - Rover update

UTC0104 - Randy has a RealSense

  • Randy’s hoping to get stuff documented on non-GPS navigation

  • And some work on object avoidance

  • Jaime’s also been working on this

  • 10Hz shaking bad

  • Pointing at corners bad

UTC0105 - Roadmap published

UTC0107 - End