Cube stuck just after take off with spinning motors


something very strange happened today.
Tested the quad on a table no issue at all.
Once ready for maiden, just after take off pixhawk get stuck with “something like” minimum spinning prop and no other reaction. Telemetry drops and not able to do something with remote. I wait up to 3 minutes in that condition (drone on the grass, motor spinning at minimum) that I detach the battery and, after removing propellers, restart it.

I replicated the problem 4 times. It happen when vibration become higher (acc bug?)

At the moment I loaded a previous version and that the 3.6.4 and the issue disappear.
Atached you can find the log of the "flight"2019-01-15 14-31-13.log (207.4 KB)

Quick update. After 3-5 test on table. Cube get stuck again so re-upload the fw didn’t work.

At the moment it is also stuck on booting powered from USB only

after 3-4 time here logs.13 01-01-1980 00-00-00.bin (112 KB)
12 01-01-1980 00-00-00.bin (296.5 KB)

Further update. It happen also with AC 3.5.7: arming, rise throttle, “shake” drone and get stuck.

A quick look at your logs indicates a very bad vibration event when you try to spin up the motors.
I would address that before anything else.

You have 2 GPS’s. How are you powering them?
Are you powering every thing from the Cube?

As the issue does seem to relate to vibration I would unplug everything from the Cube to get it back to basics.
Test it in minimum configuration and check all the pins of all the connectors as you put each back in and test one at a time.
I would recommend you have seperate power supply for your peripherals instead of trying to power them all through the Cube.

Could you strip any external sensors off and see if you can repliacate,
please? Just trying to narrow things down. If it happens purely on
internal Cube sensors it should be easy for a dev to replicate.

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the cube is powered by Mauch BEC (via mauch sensor) and an additional 5V over servo rail.

High vibration are generate by folding propeller not fully open (luckily it generate the issue on ground just before take off)

Drone has 2 gps ( with 2 compasses) mauch sensor, telemetry just TX-RX-GND, a normal receiver. ESC are self powered (PWM-GND) no other add on

Last update.

Swap the entire pixhawk with a new one and problem disappear. So I guess it is an hw issue.