Crash while Autotuning - Help to Diagnosis tuning issues w/ Telemetry logs

Hello, I need some help diagnosing the cause of a crash while attempting my first autotune. My copter was flying well before this. It was able to hover stably in atlhold and Poshold flight modes. I even completed several waypoint missions, in varying conditions successfully.

A couple of minutes into the autotune flight my copter spontaneously dropped from the sky. This caught me off guard. Until then it was performing normally. No excessive oscillations. Some drifting after each roll event, which I thought was normal and consistent with videos I have seen. I looked at the logs and replayed the flight. The crash occurred right after a %50 inc. in D. I am not sure if this is significant.

I followed the Wiki doc and video explaining autotune. Maybe, I missed a crucial setup step?

Google Drive Link to Telemetry Logs:

Did you follow all the steps here: How to methodically tune (almost) any multicopter using ArduCopter 4.4.x ?

Thank you for this resource. I did not complete the Notch filter and Magfit Setups. I was not aware of these Unless they are built into one of the initial setup steps in Missionplanner. my guide was multiple videos of Ardupilot setup procedures on YouTube + the wiki page.

Use the intermediate .param files included in the file and do those missing steps.

Ok, An then attempt Autotune again? Or would you suggest more in-depth manual tuning as the source of this crash is undiagnosed?

Before autotune you performed the test flights described in section 5 and 6? with what results?