Crash after successful auto-take off (Attitude/Heading misalignment?)

Plane (WING): AR Wing pro.
FC: Omnibus F4 Pro
GPS: 2xUblox M8N (HOLRC) (GPS use best).
ArduPlane V4.2.0dev (c49fd7e9)

I have previous had many successful missions with this setup.

I had a crash today after a successful auto take off (WP1 to 50m altitude). Then the plane turned left heading for WP2 (Target Altitude 100m) however instead of climbing it went into a steep descent and I was not able to recover before impact (I managed to switch to FBWA just a couple of seconds before impact).

I have analysed the LOG and so fare I can’t find anything wrong. Initial climb to 50m(BARO) 80m(AHRS2) 80m(NTUN_Talt) is ok, then next target altitude is 130m(NTUNE_TAlt), and the FC is asking for positive pitch.

This is the LOG:

This is the video streamed (the OSD is 10sec ahead of the video):

Anyone have any input to why this happened?

I see two possibilities. First is some kind of mechanical failure. Either Servo failure or C of G shift. As you pointed out, the FC is commanding higher pitch but it clearly doesn’t happen.

The second thing I noticed is a GPS issue.

Here is a link to a discussion of this issue:


I have had some issues with the main GPS (GPS1) and I have moved it to the wing so GPS 1 and 2 are both placed symmetrically on each wing.
Both GPS’s are M8N not M9. They are the same HoleRC GPS, however I have seen some bad results on GPS1 however GPS2 has always been very happy, and in the log it does has 11-14SAT.
I use the settings GPS_AUTO_SWITCH=1 (useBEST).

The servos are working after the crash and the Battery is so large it can’t move in the bay.

There was a bit of wind (take-off into the wind) perhaps a gust of wind when turning could have done this?

If I replay the LOG in the UAV Log Viewer, it is clear that there is some sort of heading misalignment?.
It looks like the plane is flying backwards?

I’m taking off in the VestNorthVest direction ~300 degrees.
It looks like the AHR2.Yaw (Heading) is wrong during the auto-take-off, but the GPS’s and the ATT.Yaw is correct. When the take-off is complete it then looks like the FC runs some sort of alignment: “EFK3 IMU is aligned using GPS”. At this point the AHR2.YAW is corrected but the ATT.YAW is now incorrect? and from this point on the problems seems to start.
I don’t see any bad GPS data, both GPS’s are correct in the GCrs estimate.

Do you have a compass? If not, then the system has to wait until it can determine a direction of flight from the GPS, then align its yaw with that direction of flight.

If you do have a compass, is it calibrated correctly?

No the compass is disabled.
Also EK3_SRC1_YAW=1 (Compass).

I can see on previous flights that the alignment also happens after take-off, and in some cases (with bad GPS data) it flies for 3-6 min before aligning (backwards like in this crash).

From the Manual:
“On Plane, a steady GPS heading is used after takeoff to align the /attitude/velocity/position/heading estimation filters (EKFs) for yaw. This usually occurs a few seconds after takeoff on Planes without compass…”.

Perhaps this is not related to the crash at all.

After some more research I found this thread and I believe this to be the root cause of my problem.
I have no compass and no airspeed sensor, also I have disabled all arming checks and it simply looks like the EKF failed to do the inflight alignment correctly as @tridge is explaining:
Crash after “EKF2 IMU0 is using GPS” and different AHR2 and ATT Attitude Estimationes - ArduPlane - ArduPilot Discourse

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