Copter-4.4.1-beta2 available for beta testing

Copter-4.4.1-beta2 has been released for beta testing and can be installed using MP or QGC’s beta firmwares links.

The changes vs -beta1 are in the ReleaseNotes and copied below

  1. Autopilot related enhancements
    • H750 external flash optimisations for to lower CPU load
    • MambaF405Mini fixes to match manufacturer’s recommended wiring
    • RADIX2 HD support
    • YJUAV_A6SE support
  2. Bug fixes
    • Airbotf4 features minimised to build for 4.4
    • ChibiOS clock fix for 480Mhz H7 boards (affected FDCAN)
    • RPI hardware version check fix

As always, thanks very much in advance to anyone who can help us out with beta testing and feedback.

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Running the new beta today with a fresh install reset all and started from vanilla. Stock gains seem high and got some twitch not sure if that was changed if so bad idea in my camp. However a quick slider to less twitchy had it stable in 3 mins. GPS hold is nice and we have perfect flying today.

Thanks to the Devs!

Image of Max from Autodesk above. Quad was 3D printed.

2 Likes Hi Randy I been doing some testing in Realflight and I am noticing that the Yaw authority seem to be sloppy now and can’t be tuned our with VTOL-Quicktune.

Has there been any changes to the stock PID’s over the last month or two? if so please let me know how to bypass this change. Basically I see a lot of overshoot to a relay nice old model performance in Yaw.

I get the same Yaw overshoot in Plane and copter now.

Looks like dropbox in now longer working.

Hi @Quadzilla,

Thanks very much for testing!

I don’t think there have been any changes in the yaw control in 4.4 vs 4.3. Even 4.5’s yaw control hasn’t changed I think.

Thanks odd. I did notice some yaw rotation in the realworld test yesterday. but it smoothed
out right away.


Hi, Randy,
I think i can see what going on loiter seems to be breaking in standard Yaw meaning the same breaking when you go right to left is now in position yaw GPS Loiter mode standing still rotation. No wiggle in 4.3.4 so i believe this is an issue.

My Testing in Realflight also shows the same odd correction.

Update: turns out my Flight controller was loose again! All well in Yaw sorry my bad.

In the pipe 5x5