Copter-4.4.1-beta1 available for beta testing

Copter-4.4.1-beta1 has been released for beta testing and can be installed using MP’s or QGC’s “beta firmwares” links. Alternatively it can be downloaded from and then manually uploaded as a “custom firmware”.

Changes vs 4.4.0 are in the ReleaseNotes and copied below

  1. Autopilot related fixes and enhancements
    • KakuteH7-wing get 8 bit directional dshot channel support
    • Luminousbee5 boards defaults updated
    • Navigator autopilot GPIOs fix (PWM output was broken)
    • Pixhawk6C Serial RTS lines pulled low on startup
    • QiotekZealotF427 and QiotekZealotH743 battery monitor default fixed
    • SDMODELH7V1 support
  2. Driver enhancements
    • DroneCAN battery monitors allow reset of battery SoC
    • Himark DroneCAN servo support
    • Hobbywing DroneCAN ESC support
  3. EKF3 high vibration handling improved with EK3_GLITCH_RADIUS option
  4. Custom build server gets mission storage on SDCard selection
  5. SITL default parameter handling bug fix

Any and all feedback on this beta release are greatly appreciated!


Thank you Randy,do you ever sleep lol

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Never mind I set bad voltage in the config. Was set low.

Interested in Hobbywing DroneCAN ESC, does it support returning ESC temperature?


Yes, the Hobbywing DroneCAN ESCs report RPM, voltage, current and temperature. This is a test done earlier today where I spun up one motor for a moment.

The setup is slightly tricky so I’m working on a wiki page.

Great!many ESCs have temperature protection (when entering protection, the power will be limited), which is very useful for analyzing logs.


Cool. I’ve created a PR to add a new wiki page with the setup instructions.

Getting Battery 2 error but no Battery 2 was enabled. Some odd reading in YAAPU battery shows 60% but battery was drained triggering a failsafe. Fly’s great, install went well and Loiter was good. Ground data error reported. I will check more.

This has been a bug for ages, I’m not sure what’s causing it but pretty sure it’s on the yaapu side

Agree. I can dig into it more as i don’t recall the wrong percentage and failsafe. but i am sure your right.

I decided to go from 3s to 4s on my green hornet yesterday. YAAPU seems better so probably a user error of voltage.

Of interest to some who use stock settings as the base is a simple battery change to 4S from 3S that works fine interduces some twitch. Not a new development at all I seen it before and I will tune it out.

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Ok I figured this out. Its not actually a bug in yaapu but in CRSF. If you enable the “RX Battery Sensor” in the CRSF menu for the RX then the RX will send battery info as well as the flight controller using the same id and yaapu has no way to tell them apart. The solution is to not set this option.

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Hi @andyp1per,

Txs for figuring this out. I guess we need an update to the CRSF wiki page?

Yeah it’s probably worth it - took me ages to figure out

Very good find. I also now getting a early low level message stating bat 1 is low, so fixing will be fantastic. I using the tx16s. wondering what the steps are.