Copter-4.4.0-beta4 available for beta testing

Copter-4.4.0-beta4 has been released for beta testing and can be installed using MP or QGC’s beta firmwares links or alternatively it can be manually downloaded from

Changes vs the previous beta are in the ReleaseNotes and copied below:

  1. Autopilots specific changes
    • Diatone-Mamba-MK4-H743v2 uses SPL06 baro (was DPS280)
    • DMA for I2C disabled on F7 and H7 boards
    • Foxeer H743v1 default serial protocol config fixes
    • HeeWing-F405 and F405v2 support
    • iFlight BlitzF7 support
  2. Scripts may take action based on VTOL motor loss
  3. Bug fixes
    • BLHeli returns battery status requested via MSP (avoids hang when using esc-configurator)
    • CRSFv3 rescans at baudrates to avoid RX loss
    • EK3_ABIAS_P_NSE param range fix
    • Scripting restart memory corruption bug fixed
    • Siyi A8/ZR10 driver fix to avoid crash if serial port not configured

Beta testing seems to be going well and it is possible that this could be the final beta. All feedback is greatly appreciated!


its similar like potential thrust loss or something else and what will script will do if motor loss detect?

What’s the difference between RNGFND_FILT and SURFTRAK_TC? Which one would be better suited for smoothing bumpy flights in Auto mode when using a rangefinder?

HI Randy,

I’ve been testing v4.4.0 beta, but I am unable to armed my copter and I am stock of finding the culprits. Below is the screenshots but not sure if the red arrow is the source? Could you kindly check my logs please. Thank you!


It literally says in big red text “Logging Failed”.

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And just FYI, those messages are positive not negative.


To reduce the response to the rangefinder during terrain missions in Auto mode I think it would be better to adjust SURFTRAK_TC rather than RNGFND_FILT. The difference is:

  • SURFTRAK_TC filters the estimated altitude above the terrain
  • RNGFND_FILT filters the rangefinder distances

There’s really no difference when the vehicle is not moving and level but there will be subtle differences when the vehicle is moving and accelerating.



Looks like others have answered your question but in any case, perhaps try formatting or replacing the SD card in the autopilot.

Thanks for testing and reporting back!

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Hi @kalai1219,

Yes, that’s right. There are new scripting bindings and an example script that allow custom actions to be taken in case of a motor loss is detected.

@rmackay9 I don’t find any custom action in the script if any lost motor.
mission planner has option that in HUD that it will display potential thrust loss including which motor was failed.
what is this new script will differ from normal mission planner potential thrust loss.
what is the custom action here?

Hi @kalai1219,

Ah, to be clear, the script doesn’t do anything useful. It’s just an example so that people could add custom behaviours if they want to.

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fine. sorry to ask here about category 4.3.7 about Geo fence action behavior’s changed?
loiter mode fence action not hold the before fence instead it do RTL in both MAX altitude fence as well as MAX Range fence.

I have met an issue that need expertise on this.
I’m NOT sure what’s going on here. I have met this on beta3 also, but I don’t have the log file.

Hi @kalai1219,

There shouldn’t have been any changes in the fence behaviour and I’m pretty sure we have an autotest to protect against the stopping-at-fence behaviour from being broken. Are you sure that avoidance was enabled?

Do you mean AVOID_ENABLE = 3 ( fence as well as proximity sensor).

If you want to confirm i have shared the log in that topic which shared above log.

Hi @kalai1219,

Thanks for the report. I’ve just tested Loiter mode in Copter-4.4.0-beta4 and it stopped at the altitude fence and at the polygon fence.

If you could check with Copter-4.4.0 (not 4.3.7) then I’m happy to take a look if you’ve got a log. Simply setting AVOID_ENABLE=3 and FENCE_ENABLE=1 should be enough in most cases.

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Had some issues when uploading firmware firmware was hanging. I think it was a com port issue on my end. Thanks for EVEYTHING YOU GUYS DO!

I moved to a different com port not the one on my external drive, rebooted the PC and ran a older copy of Mission Planer. Assuming something to do will the external drive. Installed now.

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My first flight. I think Yaw is over correcting turning the craft left and right. feels off from the way it was before the upgrade. after lift off the craft starts turning right when I try to straighten it out it turns left. Almost like it can’t go straight when flying. Yapuu seems to be responding wrong with a tons of bad verbose, like motors armed, motors disarmed fence enabled all in a quick string.

I think the best way to describe YAW is a hat dance via user correction.

I noticing some higher than normal x vib possibly the FC is a tad loose. also can go down to 9" props and check the mounting of the GPS. Meaning it could be just hardware.

Hi all, did some fine tuning and fell back to stable temporary. fly’s well I did a VTOL quicktune that I could see Yapuu report it to work everything but the last save string message. User reported that he did not see his save. All the other functions show as it runs the PIDs

BTW can i see the messages in the LOG file?

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