Copter-4.3.3 released!

Copter-4.3.3 has been released as the official/stable version and can be installing using MP, QGC and perhaps other ground stations as well. The firmware can also be manually downloaded from

Changes vs 4.3.2 are in the ReleaseNotes and also copied below.

  1. Autopilot related changes
    a) AIRLink LTE module enable pin and HEAT_ params added
    b) CUAV Nora/Nora+ bdshot firmware (allows Bi-directional DShot)
    c) CubeOrange, CubeYellow gets fast reset of ICM20602
    d) MambaH743v2 with dual ICM42688 supported
    e) PixPilot-V6
  2. Attitude and Navigation controllers use real-time dt (better handles variable or slow main loop)
  3. MAVFTP speed improvement including faster param download
  4. Bug fixes
    a) Analog rangefinder GPIO pin arming check fixed
    b) Arming check of AHRS/EKF vs GPS location disabled if GPS disabled
    c) CRSF gets RC_OPTIONS for ELRS baudrate to avoid RC failsafes
    d) Null pointer checks avoid watchdog when out of memory
    e) Position Controller limit handling improved to avoid overshooting and hard landings
    f) Position Controller internal error after 70min of flight fixed
    g) PSC_ANGLE_MAX param reduction causing WPNAV_ACCEL to be set too low fixed
    h) Servo gimbal yaw jump to opposite side fixed
    i) Siyi A8 gimbal driver’s record video feature fixed
    j) SToRM32 serial gimbal driver actual angle reporting fixed (pitch and yaw angle signs were reversed)
    k) Takeoff in Auto, Guided fixed when target altitude is current altitude
    l) Takeoff in Auto handles baro drift before takeoff
    m) Takeoff twitch due to velocity integrator init bug fixed
    n) MAVFTP fix to terminate session error (could cause FTP failures)
    o) IMU fast fifo reset log message max frequency reduced

Also special thanks to the developers and beta testers who contributed to this release including:



is there a reason that Copter: fix yaw feed-forward rate sent to gimbal by rmackay9 · Pull Request #22604 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub wasn’t included? I mean, not that it would be so relevant, but I wonder if there was a problem with it or so.

Hi @olliw42,

I think I didn’t include it because I thought it was too recent a change at the time we started the beta. Unless it is an urgent change, I like them to “bake” in master for a week or two before they are included in a beta release.

This item is in the “pending” list though so it will likely be included in 4.3.4… assuming we do a 4.3.4 at all… I suspect we will.

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Thanks Randy for your work!!
passing from 4.3.2 official to 4.3.3 RC1, ELRS rx, lot of RC failsafe occurred.
According to this point:
c) CRSF gets RC_OPTIONS for ELRS baudrate to avoid RC failsafes
is there on 4.3.3 some parameter to be modified in order to aovid failsafe?


Yes, RC_OPTION bit 13, which is 1<<13 in new money == 8192

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i’ll try it.


Three short flights today on 4.3.3, almost 40 minutes total aloft, nothing to report :wink:

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kindly reply to my problem

No need to cross-post in different threads, it doesnt help. If someone wants to check the problem you had in the other thread they will.

Drone Can a high current usage esc alert (manual set high current alert )

For Motor and other components protect damage

There is already

check them out in the Complete Parameter List
…been there for years

Hello and thanks for your work.

I have a Nora (first batch). As bdshot is now supported on Nora, I had a try with Tekko32 F4.

First, as reported in another post, passthrough is not working and BLHeli suite do not see the ESC.

ESC Telemetry is OK when using Serial link, not via signal wire. I have only one ESC wired.
Do I need to set Auto Telemetry “On”? Default is “Off”

Low RPM Power Protect is “On” by default: When DShot 300 is on, RPM is increasing without propellers, stay at idle when 13" props are on the motors.

I had to use a new Mamba F405 MK2 to change ESC settings and set Low RPM Power Protect to “Off”.

I had a short “first” flight with the new configuration.

Best regards

Great that its working! Auto telemetry should be off.

I have that ESC and passthrough generally works apart from on the first port (I think), so you might have more success with another output. I do not know why this would be.

Try moving all the outputs along one, so motor1 is on MainOut 2 instead of MainOut1 and so on…
I have the same with a CUAV V5 Nano - the first output doesnt do passthrough (or even DSHOT reliably) - reasons not known.
In Parameters this means SERVO1_FUNCTION,0 and SERVO2_FUNCTION,33 and so on.

Also set Timing = Auto in BLHELI settings

I searching but di not find

Thanks for the tip, Done.

Nora doesn’t have IOMCU as V5 Nano. I’m happy with ESC Serial telemetry working, I will do the wiring for the other ESC.