Copter-3.6.8-rc1 available for beta testing!

We’ve just released Copter-3.6.8-rc1 for beta testing. This is a critical release to address issues with IMU failures especially those occurring on Hex Cubes (bulletin from Proficnc/Hex)

The changes vs 3.6.7 are here in the ReleaseNotes and also copied below:

  1. Safety fixes
    a) Prevent loss of active IMU from causing loss of attitude control
    b) Added startup check for Hex CubeBlack sensor failure
    c) don’t reset INS_ENABLE_MASK based on found IMUs

We plan to shorten the beta period to be quite short (24hrs perhaps) so any beta testing that people can do is greatly appreciated. For most users you should notice absolutely no difference from 3.6.7.

Thanks very much in advance for any feedback!


Cross link to testing information for cube black

I’ve given this a quick test myself on my IRIS (which has an old 3DR pixhawk in it) and of course, didn’t notice any differences from 3.6.7. Any other feedback from others would be greatly appreciated!

My copter had no problem with the one-hour flight test,I used cube black.

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@tobe, great, thanks for the feedback!

Tested the fix. No issues
Flew for around 12-15 mins ( 3 flights).
Hovered for a while and also gave some quick rolls and yaw.
PS: prop came of due to a mechanical failure ( not a firmware issue, saw the prop flying away :joy:)


Not hearing about any issues yet from our internal team. Will report back ASAP.

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