Copter-3.6.5-rc2 available for beta testing

Copter-3.6.5-rc2 is available for beta testing through the ground station’s “beta firmwares” options.

The changes are in the ReleaseNotes and copied below but in short we found a issue with the RC input when using DSM receivers. This could affect any board running ChibiOS but in practice it only showed up on the smaller ChibiOS-only boards (aka the smaller racing boards):

  1. Bug fixes and minor enhancements
    a) RC DSM sync bug fix (channel 8 could temporarily become zero, ChibiOS only)
    b) Pixhawk board LED fix (ChibiOS only)

Any and all feedback is very much appreciated!

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Hello, I’ve just tested the cx-of on a kakute F4 and is not detected at all, both on serial 1 and instead of Gps port…on matek f405 all’ working fine.
Is it my mistake or can it be a bug?

@Gino_Nencioni, thanks for giving it a try. it’s probably best to post a dataflash log so we can see the parameter and sensor data…

Thx @rmackay9
With the help that @ppoirier gave me I managed by forcing the drivers to recognize the cx-of.

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I’m currently running a dev version with s.port inversion. How can I tell when a particular feature has made it into beta and stable,other than trawling back through the change logs for each version?

Sorry, I realise I’m probably being a bit stupid.


To answer my own question, in case anyone else reads this, or I’m missing something…

Having found the Pull Request number, (9749) then go to ‘projects’… ‘3.6 Backports’ and search for the number, without the #


OK, so I guess you figured out that it has not been included in Copter-3.6. It will go out with Copter-3.7 but I can’t say yet when that will be. Sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

Thanks for the reply, what’s the process for deciding what goes from master into each beta?

@jon_hfd, in general we only include bug fixes in point releases but sometimes we include enhancements if it’s low risk (i.e. doesn’t affect other parts of the code) and people are keen to have it.

Well, the serial_options enhancement is really desirable, with all the F7s around. Sending SPort telemetry via a bare wire is nice.

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