Copter-3.6.2 released!

Copter-3.6.2 has been released as the default stable build and should appear in the ground stations within the next hour or two. Changes compared with 3.6.1 are the Release Notes and also copied below:

  1. Bug fixes:
    a) Benewake TFmini and TF02 driver reliability fix
    b) Range finders report healthy to GCS when out-of-range
    c) Spektrum RC parsing fix when more than 7 channels
    d) Fix alt drop after quick switch from RTL to Stabilize and back to RTL
    e) RPM sensor reliability fix by initialising analog input pin
    f) Winch removed from build by default
  2. Remove bootloader from px4-v2 builds (reduces firmware size)

Thanks to our beta testers who helped identify and re-test the issues once fixed!


Doing a build and noticed missing ch7 and ch8 in mission planner I am using spectrum. I never seen this before.
radio config shows channels are there and ative. I setting up retract landing gear and gimbal. how do i fix this and is it a firmware issue?

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In my case it looks ok. I did the latest update.

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Hi are you using Spectrum hardware?

Are you talking about Radio? I am using Frsky R9M and R9 slim+.

Yes I using spectrum radio dx8. BTW something is off I just loaded ChibiOS: ff603d11
ArduCopter V3.6.2 (25f72536) and now it works using the non beta MP software firmware menu. Could be I loaded the developer FW by mistake.

Landing gear working…

CH7 & CH8 greyed: Same problem here

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Check the installed firmware version. In version 3.7-dev, changed the names of these variables.

I was able to install ChibiOS: ff603d11
ArduCopter V3.6.2 (25f72536) and MP channels show now.

… or try updating the MP from the Help screen. At the bottom there is a “Check For Updates” button.

Try updating 3.6.2 to my PixRacer but encounter “Board not supported” error

I need this update so as to resolve the TFMini sensors i was implementing for faster detection refresh rate.

Any clue ?



I suspect this is a mission planner issue so could you try reporting this in the mission planner issues list? Worst case you can download the firmware directly from the site and then use the “Load custom firmware” link.

It might be a good idea to try and update the MP (Help >> Check for updates) if that hasn’t been done recently.

Oh, thanks, will try all your recommendations.

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Hi all

I wanted to thank all the Ardupilot developers and the most visible face of this project rmackay9

Today I have flown the arducoper version 3.6.2,the new Loiter mode is wonderful, it runs more and is more agile,and what to say the smartRTL is very good

In what if you have to keep improving is the TF-mini Lidar, in flights in exterior happening the 6 meters of height, the precision fails

Thank you for making me laugh and hallucinate like a child.

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Why in firmware 3.6.2. disappeared smartrtl mode? In firmware 3.6.0 it was.

It has not disappeared.

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Turns out if you get the firmware from the latest directory and not the beta directory you will see the error
. Also mRo 2.1 FC will not automatically load the beta firmware using Mission P the com port just waits. I needed to download the FW to the drive and then load it directly to the FC.


It’s probably to do with the version of Mission Planner being used. Maybe try updating it from the Help screen?

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