Copter-3.6.11-rc1 available for beta testing

Copter-3.6.11-rc1 has been released for beta testing and should appear in the ground stations within a few hours of this post. The list of changes is available in the ReleaseNotes and also copied below.

Changes from 3.6.10

  1. EKF and IMU improvements:
    a) IMU3 enabled by default if present
    b) IMU3 fast sampling enabled by default on Cube autopilots
    c) EKF protection against large baro spikes causing attitude error
    d) EKF origin fixes (consistent across cores, set externally only when not using GPS)
    e) EKF logging of 3rd core
  2. Minor enhancements:
    a) Land mode supports heading requests (ie. ROI)
    b) Support Hexa-H frame
    c) MatekF405-STD binaries created
    d) Benewake TFminiPlus lidar support
  3. Bug Fixes
    a) Barometer health checks include sanity check of temperature
    b) Lightware serial driver handles invalid distances
    c) IO firmware fix involving delayed writes to serial ports (ChibiOS only)
    d) CAN Compass fis to for unintialised device IDs
    e) mRo x2.1-777 USB ID fix
    f) ChibiOS fix for I2C storm

This point release has a number of important reliability fixes including 1c (EKF protection against large baro spikes) and 3f (ChibiOS fix for I2C storm) but we have seen at least one incident of each across the vehicles (Plane, Copter, Rover).

For Benewake TFmini-Plus lidar users, note that you’ll need to set RNGFND_TYPE = 25, RNGFND_ADDR = 16.

Any beta testing and feedback that you can do is greatly appreciated!

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@rmackay9 TFMiniPlus was not working on Master on (F4 processors at least) till that fix:
This seems isn’t ported into the Chibios of the Copter 3.6 branch.

@sergbokh, after discussion with @lucasdemarchi, we think that that fix is not actually required for the 3.6 branch because it fixed a regression that was never included in Copter-3.6. If you’ve got a TFMiniPlus maybe you could give it a try with this new beta?

Sure, I will test it today later.

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the future release of this version will support teraranger evo 60m?

Yes I did try a wile ago the Tradheli version upgrade and got in quad version.
Loading back to 3.6.10 stable I noticed something what happened when I updated to this stable version the first time few weeks ago…
The position controller values were altered and not keeping my own values. First time I found out after take off that the Heli was totally unstable in Z ( height). When I compared my params I noticed that PSC_ACCZ_P was far to low. should be 0.28 but was 0.09xxx. I changed it back and the Heli was back to its normal behavior.
But last night when I compared the Params, it had been changed again after installing back to the FW 3.6.10 stable.
Now I am wondering if others had the same thing happen to them and did not compare and find that problem. They would see that their aircraft would not be nice to fly.
Maybe it is coincident on my site and that is why I thought I did something wrong and forgot about it. ( old age ).
But reading other having problems in Z using 3.6.10 stable. Maybe same thing and they don,t know it yet.

Just tried this one from
commit 7aeef43ea346b989f7190de2dfab2ead6f52cfcb
Author: Randy Mackay
Date: Mon Sep 23 13:35:00 2019 +0900
Copter: version to 3.6.11-rc1

Maybe I missed something but TFminiPlus does not work for me. Maybe anyone else could also check.

Same time in my custom 3.6 branch I have @lucasdemarchi fix applied to Chibios and the lidar is working on the same copter.

@sergbokh, thanks for testing. I suspect the issue is that the lidar’s version is 1.7.6 instead of 2.0.3. My lidar also doesn’t work with 3.6 but it does work after I remove the “AP_RangeFinder: update minimum fw version of TFMiniPlus” commit that forces 2.0.3 to be used. It would certainly be nicer if we had a nice output to the ground station for this failure so I’ve added an issue but it won’t be resolved in time for 3.6.11.

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You must be right, my version is 2.0.2

does this version support Orange Cube?

@rmackay9 the news that we actually need 2.0.3 came from Benewake. I was actually using a previous version (1.9.x I think) and never had the problem they mentioned. I only added the check for 2.0.3 as per request. Maybe for Copter 3.6 we can revert that commit and figure out what to do in the next version?

@yunyk, no I’m afraid 3.6.11 doesn’t support the CubeOrange. It will be included in Copter-4.0.0 which we hope to start beta testing within 2 weeks.

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Hi @lucasdemarchi, I’m not sure … surely Benewake had a good reason? TBH, I’m more keen that we get through this release and onto the 4.0.0 beta.

I had the TFmini hangings on the stock FW (don’t know the version), so I contact Benewake two month ago and they provided me 2.0.2 version. No problems with that FW ever.
So I can confirm some [1.7.6 - pre 2.0.2] versions could have a problem.

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Had to go the 4.0 today as my Control Zero was generating a RC code that i was not able to fix even worse the craft was not flying well and crashed it a few times. Barometer issue? After changing to 4.0 flying nice but needs some tuning. the only major change i did was to change to a hex frame from a quad.


If you had a crash while testing 3.6.11-rc1 I’m happy to have a look at a dataflash log to give some clues as to the cause.

Small update on the Zero I was able to adjust the PID manually on the new frames and the hex is happy with 4.0 a lot of fun to fly and a good GPS lock. Thanks as always for all you do for the community.

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Hi @rmackay9 , Thank you and your team
I want to know about changes 3C.
So if I send a mavlink data to Arducopter,it well delay when I use 3.6.10