Copter 3.4-rc5 test and logs

HI, I had a new flight with a bit lower PIDs, and less oscillation. I have a pixracer.
In altitude hold, was not holding altitude well.
In loiter, the copter produced a periodic roll or pitch in a direction. I’ve never seen this before.

Do you have any advice? Attached my logs.

@rmackay9 Thanks for advice. this time the copter wasnt moving after powerup, for sure. (2.3 MB)


the first Loiter part looks really interesting… Since there is a similar behavior in ATT as well as the MAG I am wondering if you performed a CompassMot?

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Hi, I just finished a small testing with 3.4.-rc5. (take off in stab, switch althold, try stay at one place, land)

I had a bit of a problem with altitude hold, the copter was drifting up and down about ±1 meter, with small jumps.
I had a bit of fast vibrations, mostly with full batteries. Accidentally messed up my PIDs with MP PID-sliders and overwritten good-old config file a few days ago. :frowning: So this may be caused by the oscillation, i dont know.
At least it was not skyrocketing and had no issues with the compass/ekf/ahrs.

Please note my hover throttle is set to the minimum 0.25, but its should be 0.2.
2016-09-15 (2.7 MB)

Yes, but some weeks ago, probably with another FW, and with another compass.
@rmackay9 suggested to reset that calibration. How can I reset it?

Hi, arrived from the todays test.
I cleared compassmot parameters, recalibrated accel and compasses.

  • MP failed to calibrate my compasses. somehow resulted in a 0 error for all the values, multiple times. After the next reboot i got compass not calibrated.
  • with onboard compass calib, it went fine.


  • this time althold and loiter behaved somewhat better than yesterday. Although saw some messages about switching compasses and ekf. Altitude hold still was not stable, drifted up/down.

At the 2nd flight i crashed 2 props due to a failed maneuver. (1.7 MB)

Have you got the pixracer in a case and/or with foam over the baro?

I have it inside an aluminium box, from a clone kit. But the board is from auav. It has a foam on the baro inside.
I had a stable altitude hold somewhere around rc2/rc3.

Hi there,

I’m having similar issues with my 3.4RC5 Pixhawk. None of these issues were present in my previous version (3.4RC1)

Accel calibrations were re-made. After arming and taking off, it starts to roll mostly left, I land it and then the accelerometer (Attitude Indicator), is tilted with a 10~15° bank.

Then, I disarm, and it levels again. I take off, and it is still tilted.

Re-did accel calibrations, no-go
Disabled Hover learn, no-go

ESCs don’t make the “arm song”, when pressing the arm button. They just play the last tune. (Think I didn’t see that change @changelog)

Logs are also showing incomplete, as I finish a flight, the log is not available at once. 2016-09-20 18-44-55.bin (2.8 MB)

Attached a mini-log