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Continuous uncommanded climb, suspecting EKF issues

You do understand that the climb would have stopped if you had switched to stabilize though?

yeah, i was really not prepared for this event, but i do regret it when i saw the log, i guessed the same, it probably be different scenario if i managed to stay in stabilize for quite a while

can there be any other way to deal with that scenario if i customize the firmware or use lua scripting feature ? like if firmware can know things not going right with ekf estimations then it can safely take control of the drone directly without using RC transmitter and using something like RC_override feature from my custom code or lua scripting to set throttle pwm value to something around 1400 in poshold mode

Interesting but difficult. How many? I have done three quadcopters and three quadcopters and one rover with 3/4 transmitters and 3/4 MP instances (3/4 voices), and things were in the limit of being controllable.

Those scenes of hundredths of drones seem to be other thing.

Well, thats the motivation moving ahead, right now having 6 quadcopters connected to RC transmitter but not connecting any quadcopter with GCS, i am just using RC switches to start a pre-programmed mission on multiple quadcopters in guided mode similar to running missions in auto mode

You can run one MP instance with a connection list to the six quadcopters. You will get six .tlog files and see the six quadcopters moving on the MP screen, although voice and purple trace will correspond to the selected one on the upright box.

The main reason for running 3/4 MP instances was for having the 3/4 voices; for example, every 30 seconds you hear the battery voltage message of all.

This is interesting. Do you mean and confirm that in any situation with altitude automatically controlled (AltHold, PosHold, Loiter, Auto, brake…), including Autotune on or Vibration Compensation on, moving transmitter switch or switches to select Stabilize mode (or Acro may be) altitude control will be controlled by the pilot, and any sudden climb for whatever the reason will be stopped?

If so and fearing a sudden climb, be prepared to change rapidly to Stabilize if it happens, not lowering throttle.

See this (V3.6.8/NuttX):

·Uncontrolled ascent at 8m30s (6m/s).
·Throttle down (RCIN.C3=1000).
·At 8m40s Loiter->Stabilize.
·Ascent continues briefly, peaks and descent begins.
.Possibly pilot (in panic) accelerates briefly, which makes CTUN.ThO grow, but strangely vibration levels increase drastically.

Well yea. AtlHold controller modes are influenced by Z-axis acceleration.

Since STABILIZE mode uses manual throttle control (not altitude control), it doesn’t matter if the EKF altitude estimate is wrong. It is my primary fallback mode, and will allow you to fly the copter as long as the attitude estimate remains reasonably good.
It’s also normal for vibration levels to increase with throttle, since this results in higher motor and prop RPM, and could expose additional problems related to frame resonances, etc.

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