Connecting L298n Motor Driver With Apm 2.8 ArduRover

How to connect Apm 2.8 Arducopter and L298n Motor Driver?

That is not supported, you will need to write the software for it.

This could work.

Essentially, external TTL glue between controller and L298n:
In1 = PWM1 * DIR1
In2 = PWM1 * /DIR1
In3 = PWM2 * DIR2
In4 = PWM2 * /DIR2
but can be improved for braking between DIRx changes.

Unknown if tested.

On a multicopter??? That makes little sense.
You probably will be better served with a newer generation hardware board. Select one from:

More info also here:

For Rover and… flipped copter???

I am going to design a simple two wheel rover.Now I am in motor test stage…But I didnt Know the pin connection between l298n and arducopter?
From Which pin in Arducopter I have to connect to the motor driver input?

PWM1, PWM2, DIR1 and DIR2 are controller outputs. In1, In2, In3 and In4 are the L298n inputs. “/” means inversion (TTL inverter). You must insert between controller and L298n TTL gates for above functions, or better a microprocessor doing the same, which will give you more flexibility (braking).

It is easier to choose a different motor controller.

No, it doesn’t. See this to make it work.