Connect pixhawk to raspberry and control it with 4G LTE

Hello, I’m a newbie and I want to find some solutions to send packages from the Raspberry Pi to Mission Planner over 4G Network.

Please look at uavcast for a plug and play option with great user support.

After the install itunes on windows 7 it was not running at all so please help me with the fix so that I can work with it. I have checked that the 4G network is working properly but still it was not working at all.

Hello i successfully connected the rasperry pi 3 to pixhawk in 4G. I installed Apsync and changed some script to use a usb 4g donglle. Telemetry and video is transmitted and you can use MP o QGC.
Zerotier is used to join different networks and is easy to use.


Hi Domenico-

I’ve read a few of your posts and watched some of your videos, as well as read through your tutorial for streaming HD video. I’m looking to build a rover piloted over 4g from a desktop pc using a raspberrry pi 3b+ and a pixhawk. I’m an engineer, but unfortunately, I’m not much of a programmer. Can you point me in the right direction to get started? I feel a little overwhelmed and not sure what steps to take next.

Hi Dave, don’t worry it’s not necessary to be a programmer. I think that a good point to start is to install Apsync on raspberry
Also this link can be useful
The first step is to connect the flight controller to Raspi in WiFi. Afterwards will be necessary to route the traffic with a 4G Modem. I tried to explain how to do in this blog Unlimited range HD streaming with LTE
It’s necessary to have some basic knowledge of linux environment to modify some configuration script. But nohthing to impossible , only patience…


Hi Domenico,
I don’t understand abount install APsync on Raspberry pi, I used OS ubuntu mate 18.04 on raspberry .
you can tell me about detail to install apsync ? :pleading_face:

Hi, Apsync is a full image for RPI is not a program
Here the instructions 25