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Connect pixhawk to raspberry and control it with 4G LTE

(Gia Bao Nguyen Tran) #1

Hello, I’m a newbie and I want to find some solutions to send packages from the Raspberry Pi to Mission Planner over 4G Network.

4g two way telemetry
(M) #2

Please look at uavcast for a plug and play option with great user support.

(Steve William) #3

After the install itunes on windows 7 it was not running at all so please help me with the fix so that I can work with it. I have checked that the 4G network is working properly but still it was not working at all.

(Dpsoftware) #4

Hello i successfully connected the rasperry pi 3 to pixhawk in 4G. I installed Apsync and changed some script to use a usb 4g donglle. Telemetry and video is transmitted and you can use MP o QGC.
Zerotier is used to join different networks and is easy to use.