Choosing good escs

Hi, I’m planning to build a quad using T motor MN5008 340kv and an 18inch prop, I wanted help with choosing good escs as I’ve had several issues with some hobbywing escs earlier and T motor escs are just too costly. The sunnysky EOLO 50A esc caught my attention but the max current draw of the motor is about 34A. Is it ok to go with the sunnysky? Or are there any other good 60A escs that you would recommend?

Can’t you use a 4 in 1 ESC ?? Will your Flight controller support 4 in 1 ESC???
You can also use ready to sky 45A BLheil_S ESC. Nearly all products of ready to sky are excellent.

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for reliability, I will go for Flame 60A 12S.

But if your motor draws a current of 34A, then why you require 60A esc?? 45A will serve the purpose.

You may want to confirm with T-Motor support why they recommend Flame 60A 12S. Of course, quality and reliability is another concern you may have to consider.
I believe no one wanted their drone to drop from the sky.

of course, hobby and business are two different concerns.

Buy a BLHeli_32 4-in-1 or BLHeli_32 singles.
For 4-in-1, Tmotor, Hobbywing Xrotor, HolyBro Tekko are popular.

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Why would you say that? That stuff is just re-branded mystery hardware.


Thanks guys for the suggestions! So I went ahead and bought T motor alpha 6S 60A escs. I have heard that I will need the T motor datalink module as well to upload the right firmware to the escs, is this absolutely necessary? Will it not work with MN5008 340kv motors right out of the box?

T-motor datalink module is required to get ESC telemetry out of those ESCs. So yes, you absolutely need it!

That must be disappointing to learn you need an expensive Datalink Module for ESC Telemetry after buying expensive ESC’s…

What if we don’t need ESC telemetry?

Yea thats a bummer… especially in one off builds like these, it doesn’t make sense that you have to buy a completely different module just to get it working.

I am sorry to be so direct. But then you probably do not know what you are doing.

Good ESCs have ESC per definition.

If you all you want is cheap ESCs for a hobby project, by all means ignore telemetry, but be willing to accept that it will not fly great and you might get frustrated down the line.
18`` prop does not sound like a hobby to me. If it crashes you will have some real damage.

If you want good ESCs so that it is easier and less frustrating to tune and you can build products with it, then you need it!

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That makes sense, so I went ahead and bought the datalink module for the Alpha escs, but there’s no information on how to send telemetry from them to the FC…

Datalink user manual + Connecting the ESCs Telemetry wire??

log messages and here. bit 10 and 17.

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