ChiBIOS on 3.6.0-rc12

Good day all

I have a few pixhacks V3x , the replacement for the V3. They come out with 3.6.0-rc12.
And they use ChiBIOS.

So I have been reading a number of posts on ChiBIOS. And there are a few posts
that seem to suggest that ChiBIS is the best thing since sliced-bread , but then you read
posts that suggest issues still outstanding and radios not working after loading ChiBIOS
and the difference in the handling of the USB signals etc… CUAV seem to suggest
that there is a link between using ChiBIOS ( and nutx) and the LED on the pixhack
working or not.

Some of these posts do date back a year or 2.

So at this point I am as confused as box of smarties in a tumble-drier !!

Is there perhaps someone that can take a moment to direct my confused mind so that
I can make an informed discussion ?

Just as a matter of interest, here is a post about improved stability in windy conditions.

My two drones:
450 frame quad /550 frame hexa
Pixhack V3x
Hobyywing 30 ( or 40A ) HLHEli ESC
Motors : LDPower MT2213, 920kV
Props : 9450
GPS : Radiolink SE100
4S battery

Many thanks for your time !!


I would start with this video:

Tridge does a great job of explaining the why of the change to ChibiOS. As for support, it has been my experience that many of the issues related to the change to ChibiOS eventually get worked out. Make no mistake, ChibOS is the future of Ardupilot and in my opinion, has given a new breath of life for older flight controllers.

Thank you wn0x ( Rich ) for taking the time to send me this.
I am going to look at the video. And I shall let you know my thoughts
after looking at it.

Great day for you !