AC3.6 with ChibiOS in strong winds = awesome!

I was pretty happy with this tune before, but after upgrading to AC3.6 and ChibiOS I’m flat out impressed. I routinely test and practice in high wind, cold and other less-than-ideal conditions. I usually don’t get to choose weather conditions when I fly search missions.

Here is a link to the video as I tested in windy conditions this afternoon. The windsock will give you a general idea of wind speed. Otherwise it’s just another boring endurance drone video. About 18 minutes of flight time.

Vehicle Info: Tarot X4 Frame, HK Pixhawk AC3.6 ChibiOS, KDE 4213XF-360Kv Motors, Hobbywing XRotor Pro 40A ESCs, T-Motor MF1806 folding carbon composite props. Tattu 10,000 Mah battery.


very nice, what GPS are you running? it seems to be a bit more stable as far as position hold than my copter is, so i’m wondering what you’re doing to make that happen. Mine is definitely stable, but it’s got probably a half a meter of drift radius that I would love to try and minimize even further.

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Very happy with this unit. It is mounted on four standoffs at the front of the copter - not on a mast.

Works great!

I think this is the link to the original unit - they have several newer versions since I purchased this in 2015. CSG used to be featured on the Arducopter GPS landing page - doesn’t look like they are there anymore.


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thanks for that info! You must be far enough away from your ESC and power wires that you dont get any interference? I tried running my here2 on stand offs and i had constant mag and compass issues until I put it on a mast, then they went away.


that’s pretty much exactly how I had mine as well and I had all sorts of mag and compass calibration issues, weird

Hello I just wonder what parameters have you updated in order to fly this long in windy conditions?

@MamboJambo this was a test of auto-tune shortly after Arducopter was ported to ChibiOS operating system, on a very old Pixhawk 1 flight controller.

This was more about how well Arducopter and ChibiOS were working with older hardware than any particular setting. With that said, Auto-Tune did a great job so nothing magical or particularly skilled on my part.

Roll and Pitch filters were set to 10Hz since this aircraft had larger than 13" propellers, and auto-tune aggressiveness set to .075.