ChibiOS BLHeli can't connect

Testing the new interface to the BL esc. anyone know why I receiving this error? also no arming with Chi

I also get this message.

FYI; I tried this same thing all morning yesterday with no success, getting same errors as above. Was going to post and saw I am not only one. I followed written instructions and watched video in same, and think I am doing everything as shown.

Using a MRo PixRacer with Beta ChibiOS 3.6.0 rc-1 that has flown OK for 30+ flights with this same software, but with BLHeli-S ESC’s on board. I swapped them out for RacerStar PG30 Esc’s I just received, changed Parameters and got same errors when I tried to connect BLHeliSuite_32.

Tried current MP as well as Beta Version of MP, no luck either way. Same errors.

Tried direct USB connection to FC, also tried Telemetry Radio to MP Rx , with USB connection to BLHeli on PC.
I tried BLHeli USB to FC with no MP connected or open, and all combinations of powering cycles to Quad. Just to try everything, I even tried all possible “BLHeli_32 Interface” options in BLHeli, just to make sure I was selecting the correct option there, all with no luck. Just get "Please Connect ESC… " with the bar moving in the BLHeli “Info” Box as above.

BLHeliSuite_32 connects and works OK when direct connected to ESC using Adrino as interface- so it’s not BLHeli side- I think.

Tried disabling Safety Switch in Parameters, same results.
Have Mot parameters set to DShot (4), and quad flies OK, even did 2 auto tunes with no issues in flight.

Going to try ESC Telemetry Data to Pixracer today to see if I can get that to work, but still sorting out Connections from ESC to PrxRacer Telemetry 2 port.


I reading that if you have a cube then you need to re wire the motor to the Aux and remap. I not testing on the Cube right now so I think this step is not necessary. I thought that possibly I need to first calibrate in MP but the arming switch is not activated in the Firmware at this time. wondering if disabling the arming switch will allow me to calibrate. I have a odd thing not related to Chi that it seems like the esc breaking is on two motors when disarming on the radio. two click and two free spin.

Disabled the Arming switch lets you esc calibrate in 3.6 Nuttx if needed.

if ya can’t connect we can’t test. :slight_smile:

Not 100% sure but the way I read the wiki, I think both the “cube” and : “Pixhawk” boards require the remapping to the AUX ports.

Looking at the video I thought he said only if using the cube. But Randy asking for Copter: D-Shot support from Pixhawk’s MAIN OUT pins #8235 so I am not sure. I guess I can setup a old Pixhawk to see. I have a odd esc setup that I need to turn breaking off off but did not want to use my Nase32 to to program.

@Quadzilla, I tried my MRo PixHawk FC today, with ChibiOS loaded and the outputs switched to the AUX ports as per the Wiki and was able to get pass-through to work with both BlHeli-S type Esc’s and with BLHeli_32 ESc’s. ( Using the 2 different Configurators matching the Esc type). Followed the Wiki setting the Servo 1~4 to “0” and 9~12 Functions to 33~36. I found that a complete re-boot of the FC was needed to get things working. In both cases I set the Mot_PWM_TYPE =4 as I found an article that said that BLHeli-S ESC’s would run D Shot- and it did. ( Didn’t know that, but my BlHeli-S Ecs’s seem happy doing so) Didn’t fly yet but will do so soon. You may want to try the different Interface options as mine finally connected using “M” which is the BH32 Boot loader (Betaflight/Cleanflight) option. Not what the video shows, but maybe that has something to do with the version of the Configurator Suite version ( mine is, I need to look into this a bit more). Goting to play with this a bit more.
Got Pixracer to sort of work but having a problem, where it doesn’t correctly see all 4 BlHeli_32 Esc’c sometimes. It will show 1,2,a,4 in the bottom Motor/Esc boxes, or other times 1,a,b,4 or variant’s of it others.

Thank you for the information I ended up programing through my Naze32 but will give it a shot next build.