BLHeli Passthrough Connection to ESC#1 failed!

I am having trouble connecting to a set of ESCs, I am using a Pixhawk Cube.

Very similar to ChibiOS BLHeli can't connect

These are DYS Aria 35A ESCs

2019-02-22 15-05-03.tlog (56.3 KB)

I am able to connect to another set of BLHeli ESCs Flycolor cross 35A just fine (only one connected in this tlog)
2019-03-21 10-40-26.tlog (176.7 KB)

Am I missing anything?

Also, every time I attempt to connect for the first time, BLHeli Configurator tries to reboot, I see the message “ignoring reboot” then I try to connect again and it works.

This reboot problem also happens when trying to use the configurator motor test, which means I am locked out of the configurator motor test.

EDIT: Both ESCs configuration works fine when using a Mrobotics pixracer. Using the pixracer also gets rid of the anooying “rebooting FC” thing.

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Connected to the FMU 1-6?

I am using a pixhawk cube.

If fmu1-6 corresponds to aux 1-6 on the pixhawk cube, then yes.

I tried the problem escs on an mrobotics pixracer and it works fine,

@tridge thinks the problem might be related to the cube drive current issue.

What cube drive current issue? Your BL Heli ESC’s don’t have a high current requirement.

Rebooting FC thing? @tridge

Can you confirm that SERVO_BLH_PORT=0 ?? This parameter is not in the utube videos. This defines the port used by BLH32 to communicate with the flight controller. Only the usb communication will work with BLH32, so any other setting will result in the message you describe.

Yes, I had the same issue with SERVO_BLH_PORT, the description is a bit confusing.
Try connecting with the BLH “log” enabled, it may give you more information. Can you spin up the motors? Not with BLH motor test, but with mission planner.

Yup, reality gets funny around 3AM.