Change speed during fly the mission

Is it possible to change the ground speed of the copter during the mission? For example I fly in the long flight and at some points if I notice that I am moving against to the wind I would like to reduce the speed, and when the copter turned to the wind direction I may need to add the speed. Is it possible?

ps. I am using mission planner during the entire mission flight.

Yes, use a DO_CHANGE_SPEED command.

How can I send this command from Mission Planner not stopping the mission?


Per my observations this button does not change the speed of the QUAD during the mission. I tried it in SITL multiple times with no effect!

What I see in SITL is that only one way to change the speed over the mission is to stop the mission by change the mode (to GUIDED for example), then go to Config/Tuning -> Extended Tuning, and change the WP NAV Speed, Write params, then get back to the Actions and change the mode back to AUTO. This is too complex I believe!

This should work, but only up to WP NAV Speed (I think?). Have you tried slowing down?

Yes, I tried, and I am curious what is wrong - do I do something incorrectly or this way just does not work for QUAD.

I use CH6 tuning for that purpose. Just configure TUNE to “WP Speed” (10) and comfortably modify your mission speed by transmitter slider or dial within the limits configured by TUNE_MIN and TUNE_MAX.

Beware: since AC4.0, you can no longer verify the effects of the tuning other than by a changing ground speed of the vehicle. WPNAV_SPEED is not changing anymore.

I do not have RC transmitter over the flight. I use it only for take off and land within 300 meters from home. All further controls and adjustments are only through the Mission Planner via 3G connection.

So to summarize, is there an option to control the speed on the QUAD at all? I suspect that I am asking easy thing but by some reason it is not implemented )

As suggested TUNE WP Speed will change flight speed during a Mission.

Tuning of WP Speed only works if I stop the mission, then change the WP SPEED, and then resume the mission. Isn’t it possible to tune without stopping the mission?

You do not have to stop the Mission to change speed with the TUNE command. In this graph of a section of Mission I flew the other day I’m changing speed using the Chan 6 Tune function. It’s set for 750-1500m m/s range.You can clearly see the change in vehicle speed when I make a change on Chan 6. I use the feature frequently during Missions.

You can test this for yourself in the Simulator if you have a control input (Joystick, Radio emulator).

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Ok, thank you, I will try to test it. Anyway I am a little bit confused why so simple thing is not implemented by some easy way. I think this is the issue of Mission Planner if Arducopter supports it.

I don’t think I understand. It’s as simple as Configuring WP Speed as a Tune option and setting a range. It has nothing to do with Mission Planner other than using it to configure the feature.

In my case I have the RC for take off and landing over my home. But when I took off and started the mission my RC is not used, and the FC does not see it at all due to the distance. So as I understand you recommend me to configure the virtual joystick or the second RC just to control the speed. It sounds a little but over complicated to me.

Ah OK Pavel, I understand now. You have no RC Control during the Mission only telemetry via the GCS? Sorry, I missed that point in your previous post.

Note: the Joystick was only to test the feature in Mission Planners simulator but it would simply simulate a radio connection.

sorry not quite understand. do you mean that the USB joystick should solve it?

No. I was talking about using Mission Planners Simulator to test the Chan 6 TUNE WP Speed function during an Auto Mission. But this will do you no good as you cannot send RC control during your mission.

Ok, thank you. No options then…