Can't edit posts

Not meant to be a rant or a rave, but couldn’t see where else to put this :slight_smile:

I can’t seem to edit my previous posts, which have out dated links and need updating.


Am I missing an obvious edit button somewhere?

Cant edit my older posts either

Happy new year :slight_smile:

I can’t remember what the timeout for editing is, but iirc there is one.
@jpkh @Buzz is this something that should be reviewed?

If there’s not a particular reason for this, it would be great if it could be relaxed as it otherwise means the forum will become full of out of date references. There are hundreds of clicks on the links in my referenced posts going to dead links.

Happy New Year!

Agreed. I suspect it’s just a discourse default thing that hasn’t been deeply thought about. I’ve pinged Jani and Buzz, either of whom should be able to change it.

just tell me what you wanna change

Thanks @LuisVale I eventually managed to work out how to add redirects for the old URLs, so should be OK for now. Hopefully this forum will be fixed and then I can update the URLs properly.

Perhaps a blog post explaining the shift to a community repo? That way it goes to front page of the website, and gives the opportunity for fresh URL’s

Good idea, will do once it’s all shaken out.

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Checking those timeouts for old messages but as far as I remember, there are no timelimit for old posts. @ppoirier can you send the post to me in PM so i can take a look at it

@jpkh The two posts in my OP in this thread I still can’t edit.

take a look at this one
Building an autopilot from scratch using a RaspBerryPi Zero : Mini Zee

Still can’t edit ‘old’ posts - even posts as recent as November. This is a bug, or bad configuration, and should be fixed.

“many” forae allow for the first post to be edited “for ever”, which IMHO is a quite good compromise, since it allows the thread owner to keep pointers and info updated, and the first post is a good place for keeping updated information

maybe this would be possible here too

3 years later, still the same issue. Cannot edit my post from 3 days ago

Edit: Here is the likely reason, which IMHO is not thought through. Can’t we distinguish between first time poster and established members? User editing posts