Can I use higher voltage motors with a lower voltage battery quad?

I’m building my quad with motors specified 3-4s and 2s 18650 batteries. The 2s 18650 batteries can drop the voltage to 6v. I wonder if this could work?


Frame: 4 inch quad

Battery: Sony 18650 VTC6 2S 1P

ESC: HAKRC 32 bit 40A 4in1, Blheli-32, Dshot600

FC: Kakute H7 mini

Motors: HGLRC Aeolus 1303.5 - 4500KV 3-4s

Propeller: Gemfan 4019

GPS & Compass: HGLRC M80 pro

If there is sufficient thrust/weight it could work. What’s the take-off weight including the battery?

The take off weight is 230g including the battery:)

eCalc says it could work if you use low pitch props like a tri-blade 4023. Give it a try.

Cheers bro. I’ll check that.

You could try a higher pitch prop but those Li-ion’s may not supply the current for a high demand.

I’ll keep the low pitch propellers for now. The problem is I met was that my quad stop working after the voltage drop below 6.5 V since I was using a 2s Li-ion battery which has the voltage lower than the normal Lipo battery. I’m checking which part leads to the problem.
Here’s the link to my another blog:

It could be the ESC or the Flight Controller.

I agree. Just to make sure it isn’t the problem of motors. I boosted the FC voltage to 12v but the problem still exists. I’ll try a 1-2s ESC sooner.