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Building RealFlight8 Models

(wkf94025) #21

@Tridge, does one need Software w/InterLink-X Controller ($180) or Software only ($100)?


(tridge) #22

You do need one of the USB dongle types. I use the interlink elite but I believe you could use the wired or wireless controller and your own transmitter

(David Buzz) #23

I’ve got a version where I use my own transmitter ( “RealFlight 7.5 Transmitter Interface Edition” ) , which is what tridge refered to as a “wired controller” edition. Initially I had some trouble getting my transmitter to output a PPM stream to the module, but once I cross-checked my transmitter/s settings and looked what the output on actualy was ( used my oscope, but probably optional) , it was trivial to get a PPM pulse into the “interface edition” that it found acceptable, and since then I’ve been simulating to my hearts content, no problem. :slight_smile: So, that moeans, I can use the $100 software-only upgrade, as I have the “interface” hardware already. :slight_smile:

(lorbass) #24

I downloaded the .RFX File. Imported it from the directory which contained the caupirinha2.TGA.
All custom ariplains are deleted…
When loaded this Model, it asks serveral things. About overwrite, rename … Colorscemes, names …
Whats correct?
New File on Github not tested yet.

Will overwork File names, Tilt Name, Axes directions first, and then fight more to load it.
There is another issue with my RF8 which has nothing to do with custom made models.
When exiting the Editor, the Menubar on top is destroyed and only closing RF8 is possible.
This makes editing terible.
Perfect demonstration in the Vid to show the graphics issues.
Seems not important for a vectored tailsitter when one Tilt is turning wrong :wink:
Will have to analyse why, I put the axes according the conventions.

Yes, the model is 900 gr including battery.
Regards, Otto

(lorbass) #25

Hi Tridge,
The new Model on Gitub could be imported without problem and works. Apears as C 7-3 in Custom Aircrafts.
But not flyable…
Found the reason, because using RF8 as standalone (no MP, yet) but could test the reaction
of the movable parts with the sticks.

Would have to setup MP as Simulator also, but later when the graphic works.
Great job to repair the Files in Binary.
Regards, Otto

(tridge) #26


to fix that just follow the instructions here:
KnifeEdge have opened up their LINK registration page, so you should be able to do it now.

MP already has support for talking to RealFlight
Do you want me to do a demo video showing you how to load and fly the C7 model from scratch?

(tridge) #27

try using a 2D photofield instead of the 3D airports. I always use a 2D photofield of my local flying site at CMAC, not only because it matches where I fly, but also because it is less graphics intensive for my slow windows laptop
Also turn all the graphics options in the setting down to minimum

(lorbass) #28

Had a short look (Repair graphic has priority) at this Page
Didn’t check whats the function or target of it.

This would be great because your tutorial videos where very helpful.
Especially the part, setup MP for Simulator, connection to RF8. (or is this the target of the LINK)
But I must say, didn’ read yet.
I’m just a litle behind your recommendations. :confused:

Could be helpful for others.
But I know, you are havy charged.

Regards, Otot

(tridge) #29

try that first, Randy has tried to make it pretty clear
If you get stuck I’ll do a new video showing it using RF8 and your TVBS model
Cheers, Tridge

(lorbass) #30

OK, of course will be next because the graphic works.(for me)
Here the new Files:
The name of the .TGA File has to be maintained, because it looks after that in the file.

I selected, while importing, your Aircraft C7-3 and all Parameters where set.
Now, the aircraft only crashes…

Perhaps, a bottom start my be possible.
I use Carbon Props like this.
(Thy looks a bit less heavy) :wink:
Regards, Otto

(tridge) #31

fantastic, looks really great!
I’ve done a video here

I’ve also updated the RFX and parameters in the SITL_Models repo

(lorbass) #32

Hi Andrew,

I’m happy that you are satisfied and thank you for the good video presentation.
You did the link to RF8 setup perfect. It can be used as Tutorial for others.
I did not compare the params you posted with mines yet. I find your Caipirinha flies more stable.

What about a non vectored Tailsitter, like Palm369, you know those with the “butterfly mode” during auto mission.
I already made the raw drawings on the base of CAD Datas of him.
If you are interested I would complete it to the same state as my caipirinha.
This one:

Regards, Otto

(tridge) #33

For the last video I adjusted the tuning gains a bit to increase stability

that would be great!
We’ll need to set it up so it starts with the props pointing up like a tailsitter.

(lorbass) #34

OK, will continue when I got the infos from Palm369
Kind regards, Otto

(Gary Mortimer) #35

Cough, how about an Arduplane sticker on each of these models… What was butterfly landing mode Otto? Shutting one motor down and sycamore seed rotating down might be fun. Cool take off mode after a stiff chuck.

(lorbass) #36

Yes, thats a good idea with the sticker.
Whats the meaning of Tridge?

No not butterfly landing.
Butterfly flight mode like this.
from here:
Regards, Otto

(lorbass) #37

Hi Tridge,
Here the Files for the non vectored Tailsitter of above.

I didn’t get the specification from David so far.
But I hope you can use it with your own data.
I could import it to RF8 without issues.
But editing is still difficult, because crashing after “exit edit”. Even with standard Models.
No answer from KnifeEdge Support so far.
And with this issue, will wait with the link to MP.
Try to install RF8 on another PC. May be Win7, 64Bit,Ultimate does not work with RF8.
Regards, Otto

(tridge) #38

I fixed a couple typos in the FBX file (using a binary editor):

  • ^CS_LMW -> ~CS_LWM
    I also think we should use only ascii chars - the german characters in some of the parts don’t display for me. I don’t know if they cause problems in RealFlight.
    I’ve put together an initial physics model, RFX file here:
    unfortunately when I start the motors RealFlight dies immediately. I’ll post something on the RF8 forums and see if anyone can work out why.

(tridge) #39

I’ve now got the Cat tailsitter flying - it turns out RF8 doesn’t handle the german characters in the names. I did some more binary editing and I can now fly the model. I’ll do a video soon.

(tridge) #40

Here is a video of the Cat flying:

plus I’ve uploaded the model and parameters to: