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Building RealFlight8 Models

(lorbass) #41

Hi Tridge,

Thanks for the Video.
Yes, you are right. Not a good idea to make the design on top like on bottom.
Will change it.
Did I make an error that the props are not to see?
Regards, Otto

Will have a look about german characters in the File too.

Did I understand right. You had to change ~CS_SPINNER1 to ~CS_SPINER1 ? (With one “N” only)
Because in the manual it was wrote with 2 "N"s.

Yes, my fault.

(tridge) #42

It was missing the ~ at the start, and I needed to keep the string length the same when binary editing, so I removed an N to make it fit

I’m not sure - I can’t pick an engine type at all in this file, so something it different from the TVBS model, but I haven’t worked out what yet

(lorbass) #43

Here the modified files

Also the .TGA is new. (Color scheme top, belly) both with the same name.
When I import it to RF8 with the start Model e.g. Cessna then in crashes. (one engine only)
But when imported with the start Model caipirinha2, it works.
But can’t see the props, even with exacly the same names (~CS_ENGINE1) OR (~CS_ENGINE2) and the same
linking to the base (~CS_MOUNT1),(~CS_MOUNT2) which are linked to the wing.(~CS_LMW) …

The Props are named: ~CS_ENGINEx (as with caipirinha2)
The Motors as : ~CS_SPINNERx (so it shows the motors spinning, as in caipirinha2)

When a make cat with one Prop (ENGINE) only and as start Model Cessna then I can see the props of the cessna
but in a wrong direction to the vertical cat, of course.
Regards, Otto

(tridge) #44

It also looks like it doesn’t like spaces in component names. Removing the spaces from the components got rid of some of the errors, but still doesn’t display the propellers

(lorbass) #45

Sorry for the need of repairing.
I had to export, import, start, delete, restart RF8 and redesign with one part, one more, again one more in order to to finde the error.
This because of no inteligent error message of RF8 and simply crashes.
Took me the whole day, wife not happy.:wink:
I replaced German characters, spaces in names, deleted all anused Objects and read
serveral times the manual to check the link conventions.
But will check the names again. Which names did you finde with Spaces?

By the way. RF8 runs on another PC, with Win 7 64 Bit. Back from the Editor the top menu is gone also
but moving the cursor at this place the menu Text comes again at that place where the cursor is.

Which tool do you use to analyse the binary .FBX?
Regards, Otto

(tridge) #46

I edited with emacs and sed. I viewed the contents in blender.

(tridge) #47

Hi Otto,
I now have 3DS max 2018. I got it as an educator (I’m a visiting fellow at my local university). So I’ve been working all day on creating a new plane - its a model of a twin boom TVBS that we’re building in CanberraUAV.
It sure has been hard work today to create the model, but I now have it flying.
I’ve put what I’ve done here:

there are two main issues I haven’t solved

  • the motors don’t show (crashes when I set the visual frame for ~CS_ENGINE1 and ~CS_ENGINE2)
  • the textures don’t show in the right places. I suspect I need a UV map, but so far I haven’t worked out how
    Any suggestions on the 2nd problem?
    I’d still like to learn to use blender, but I’ll go with 3DS max until I’ve learnt my way around the modelling a bit more.
    Cheers, Tridge

(lorbass) #48

This is free for max. 3 Years.

It crashes about a lot of things.
The same work function, but as I turned the right,top knob at the TX(RF8) it crased again.
It depends on the selected Start Model. e.g.
With the B52 Bomber (2 engines) it crashed with another 2 mot Model not.
When I draw one engine, it works with Cessna. When I draw 2 Mots it crashed.
I could report nearly hundreds of situations, again tried the whole day.

Now started with the sample Nexstar by modification part by part in direction Tailsitter.
With the Start Model Twinstar (2 Mots) it works, the props are to see, but looks strange a Tailsitter
with the Fuselage of a Nexstar.

Yes, you have to use the modificator Apply UV Map. (They are different)
You will finde a good tutorial on Autodesk. There is also an airplane, and explained how to apply one Texture
about different regions of the Model.

I will poste on Google my .max file of the Caipirinha as sample for you.

Regards, Otto

(tridge) #49

That was probably set to start the motor (throttle servo). That is the channel we’re using for TVBS models for one of the motors.

yes, it does, hopefully after thankgiving we can get some help from Jeremy at KnifeEdge to find the causes.

I’ve spent 3 hours trying to find a tutorial that works so far - no luck yet. It seems there are thousands of tutorials, but finding one that makes sense to a beginner is hard.

ok, thanks, but how would I transfer the UV map from that to my model? Does that even make sense?

(lorbass) #50

Here the link to the tutorial
May be it exist in English too.
And here tha last Version of Caipirinha

Sorry today, less time.
Regards, Otto

(lorbass) #51

I have seen, you have 4 .TGA Files on Github.
It should be one only, 2048x2048 Pixels.
in the Artists tutorial pdf here:
Will have a look in your .max when more time.
Kind regards, Otto

(lorbass) #52

Can’t load wing4.max because you use a newer Version (2018) and I 2015.
Could you save and poste the File as 2015 max. (File type while saving)?
Regards, Otto

(tridge) #53

thanks for looking into this!
I’ve put a 2015 copy here:

(tridge) #54

ahh, I got it! both motors showing in the CUAV_TVBS.
The trick was to not use more than one texture file.

(tridge) #55

I’ve put all the files here:
video here:
sorry for lack of audio

(James Pattison) #56

How accurate is the current draw estimation? It’s a lot higher than I’d expected.

(David Kaden) #57

Ahh, nobody told me. Nice, thx otto and tridge!
You need any data?
My real model has: 3s 4000, 1000kv, 10x4.5 SF, AUW 850g CG at exactly (!!!) 1/3 of root chord.

I can tell from the video that my plane flyes completely different then in the sim though.

(tridge) #58

that video was with unlimited current set. I added the current limiting and got a top speed of below 40kph, which is about what eCalc gives for the same setup.
Note that the current reading in the display is per-motor

(tridge) #59

thanks, what are the motor specs?

(tridge) #60

I have the Cat model all sorted out now:

I’ve put the 3ds files, the RFX and new parameters here:

The key things I changed to fixup the graphics were:

  • you must have a visual frame for the full chain of elements from the motors back to the fuselage. We didn’t have a visual frame for the tilt component (which brings it to 90 degrees).
  • changed the orientation of the motors, spinner etc to pointing forward, then they are rotated in the physics model
  • need to get the pivot orientations right for the motor mounts
    It’s nice to finally have this model working!
    Once I get more motor details from @palm369 I can try to get the tuning a bit better.
    Cheers, Tridge