Blheli_s and AC 3.6.9 - motors spin but won't go beyond that

I have my esc configuration set for Dshot600 and I’m running the motors from the Aux ports. I calibrated the escs using an old flip32 board and betaflight. When I arm, the motors spin but when given throttle, there is no spin up. It’s like the range isn’t there. I can connect and read the escs using the latest blhelisuite, but not sure if I need to do anything in there.

Please flow instructions in this Link
If nothing changed i think you must flash your ESCs to another firmware.

Also you can upgrade your ESCs to latest version
For this purpose read product Manual
Some times upgrading to latest version are effective

Ok, so after the escs finish the last startup tone, test the throttle before restarting the fc?

Yes but remove propellers because your motors will spin like in stabilize mode

Also check This replay i think David Richler found a solution.

I’ve flashed the escs to the latest firmware. Now one motor 1 spins up full range while the others stay idle. Motors 2,3,4 show as a slave…

Have you tried switching OFF the Low RPM Power Protect…?

No, what does that do?

That did it! All seen to be spinning at the same rate! I’ll give it a test fly tomorrow.

So now I’ve lost my receiver. I’m using a lemon rx satellite dsmx receiver going to the dedicated port on the pix. I get no light on the receiver, nor when I initiate binding via mission planner