Bicopter Takeoff Issues

I am attempting an auto VTOL takeoff of a bicopter. When moved into takeoff mode, one tiltwing tilts back and one tilts forward. Additionally, the motors spin momentarily, then cutout (and sometimes one before the other). Attached is a link to a log where an attempt at a takeoff occurred. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

2022-04-05 11-28-44.bin

param file:
now_at_4_2_b4.param (19.1 KB)

edit: Tiltwing servos are servo5 (left) and servo9 (right). Motors are servo2 (left) and servo1 (right)

edit2: Any suggestions @tridge @iampete @anyone

Any suggestions? @tridge @iampete

Additionally, when in vtol takeoff (though strapped down w/o propellers), only the left tilt servo reacts to pitch changes. The right tilt servo maintains its forward position - very strange.

Realized the left tilt servo moves into its SERVOX_MIN position at takeoff. This servo is reversed.

edit: With a Q_TILT_YAW_ANGLE of 0, the right tilt servo moves to a position halfway between servo_min and servo_trim. As the angle is increased, the right tilt servo moves closer to servo_min.

Hi Jet,
Take a look I think we are having the same issue.