Best PIXHAWK Flight Controller and GPS?

Hi all, i would like to ask a help from you experts on what is the best flight controller and GPS to use for serious use of drone? Not only for Experiment? Radiolink Pixhawk? Please help. Because, currently im using chinese clone Pixhawk 2.4.8, not working good. Thank you.

Also, best ESC for MT2213motor? and Radio Transmitter

Ardupilot supports many flight controllers you can see full list here
As my experience these two flight controllers are great
First one is Pixhawk 2 Cube
Second one is Pixhawk 4

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How about the RadioLink Pixhawk Sir?

Will it have less interference and accurate compasS?

Also, will my MT2213 motor and 30A ESC Brushless motor okay?

Radiolink Pixhawk is same as your current Pixhawk in quality
In the Pixhawk 1 series its better to buy boards manufactured by 3DR or CUAV

Where to Buy pixhawk manufactured by 3DR and CUAV?
Can i used my other materials like the MT2213 if I upgraded my pixhawk into much expensive one?

Do you think my current pixhawk wont be enough for production purposes?

Bout this:?

yes you can use your current motors and ESCs but other part like telemetry , GPS , power module and … aren’t have same connectors to pixhawk 2 cube or pixhawk 4 so you have to change cable of these parsts

yes your current pixhawk is cheap and manufactured by low quality parts

i used this pixhawk from CUAV and i can confirm that is working perfectly

What does it mean by low voltage version of this?

Can you suggest good GPS for my current pixhawk or for this CUAV? with minimal interference of tower.

you can use Here+ M8P

Buy the way, im having trouble calibrating my UBLOX NEO M8n, it wont continue. It suddenly make a one tone then calibrate started again. Whats the problem?

Sadly theres no availale for philippies buyer :frowning:

do you calibrate compass like this video ?

if you did anything correctly and problem still presents its meaning that your mag (compass) is not healthy

Yes this is a newly purchased compass, the green loading moves but then it comes to finishing line already it gives one tone then back to calibrate again.

did you watched video ?

Yes I watched it, Thats what excatly what im doing. Can calibrate i my other UBLOX m8n, but in NEO i cant.

send the messages of mission planner while compass calibration

how? theres no message, its just repeating on calibration process. Not ending.

Tone is something like “Ta–da”, then repeat again he calibration. its not ending, not unless i removed the USB

It started again 3rd time, not meeting the finish line.

The previous reading of my compass is from my other GPS.

After the green meets almost the end, it goes back in the beginning again.

send screenshot at this time