Best PIXHAWK Flight Controller and GPS?

thats the screenshot sir. it goes back in the beginning again, its like looping all over agaibn.

without any message in the box ?

No message only : id: 0.99%, after that it goes back to zero. Then id: 0.00% ro 0.99% again, then goes back to zero again

try set fitness to relax

I tried already Sir, still the same.

did you tried another compass ?
if you tried without problem probably this compass is damaged

I once had a similar problem. Please check if the compass readings in the status tab are working. If all three of them show zero, you might have my problem.

I solved it by resetting all parameters and then performing the setup once again. But I did the compass calibration in QGroundControl.

For more information, here is my original post

Since the former run-of-the-mill HMC5883 magnetometer went out of production, your cheap chinese M8N/MAG unit may have trash inside. I’ve went WTF? when I saw a STM32F0 microcontroller inside one. It was fooling the Pixhawk into thinking there’s a 5883 on the I2C bus, but the readings were from something else. Unusable.

There’s a clone, called QMC5883, that sometime works. I’ve even seen new DJI A3 GPS/MAG units sporting it… I’ve bypassed the CAN part on one and while the GPS was happily reporting position to my Pixhawk, the mag wasn’t detected at all.

Your best bet would be an old 5883 on an arduino breakout board, wired straight into I2C.


How about the new Pixhawk 4 holybro and PIXHAWK GPS?

Getting accurate gps is not depend on your FC its depend on your gps module and available gnss system at your location

I have two of the Banggood Pixhawk 2.4.8, and they work flawlessly. One is on a Hexacopter, other on a fixed wing airplane. Might add a third one to a 600 size helicopter. Cheap components? They are all the correct chips, no cheap components.
With that said, I might try the Cube for the helicopter, curious to see how much better it is

I have a couple of those also and have swapped them into a few different multi-rotors. They have performed well. I have 3 PixRacers, 1 of them a “genuine” original and the others from eBay. They all work equally well. I don’t have anything of very high value flying, or driving, in these vehicles, in which case I might go with a Cube, but they have performed well for me.

And as far as GPS modules go I have many from $18 to 2 Here GNSS’s that cost a lot more. They all work, some better than others.

bout this experts, theyre okay right? Though @hosein_gh already said it is.

My current pixhaw is 2.4.8 the white one.

Can’t fine GPS HERE brand to delivered here in the philippines :frowning:

ProfiCNC produces these. The Here GNSS is discontinued replaced by the Here 2 GNSS. It’s double the cost for a included IMU that you don’t need.