Best low cost but reliable rangefinder for obstacle avoidance drones

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I was looking for the best low cost but reliable rangefinder for obstacle avoidance in a multirotor. TF-Luna looked like a good option but saw some threads where it was giving issues with the performance.
Are there any other alternatives which works fine with pixhawk on I2C port. I don’t plan to use an arduino or any companion computer with the pixhawk.
Can ultrasound sensor be reliable for obstacle avoidance?

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Shubham Thakur

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well if you want provide your vehicle with a good obstacle avoidance you need look for the teraranger evo tower…with the correlated sensors.
Tf mini s and tf luna can be use as altimeter or landing sensors due the short range but are good.
I’ve done some tests using tf mini s and luna and teraranger sensor under uavcan protocol… the reading perform well.
ultrasound sonar like maxbotix or correlated are out of date… the performance are not good like a TOF or IR

Thank you so much for your time. If I use luna on 4 sides for indoor applications. Will that be good.?

This build is of low budget but from what you said, I guess, for bigger build I should go with something better. Like for mapping drones.

This is for indoor and low altitude and low speed use.

well, tf luna can work but you need change the i2c address for all the sensor coz share the same address for all the sensors will cause conflicts.
For change the address you need a TTL232 module

Sorry to bug you. Can you please tell where can I get this module and or any documentation of how to interface it with pixhawk

Hi @Shubham_Thakur for

Thanks for this link. I already went through it. I am planning to use 4 TF luna on my build. I couldn’t find any thread for using multiple of those.

@Shubham_Thakur Sir if you have 4 tf lina then you will go with I2C communication. First using this link Download and configure your 4 number of TF luna according into above link manual and data sheet. assign different I2C address for each TF luna. connect all 4 sensor to I2C splitter(i am in india, you can go with yours possibility).
using RNGFND1_ADDR parameters you can assign each rangefinder.
or please follow this New LiDAR sensor Benewake TF02-Pro TFmini-S TF-Luna for drones UAV

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Thank You @SWARNA_MOHAN_CHANDRA for your time. This has cleared my doubts.
I am in India too. I will try what you suggested and post how it turned out for me.

Thanks again
Shubham Thakur

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