Benewake TFmini LIDAR works on Ardupilot

Ok so still no luck.

I connected the app and it appears the unit is working.

However if I select Pixmode the display stops. Not sure if thats right
or not.

I just bought the unit a week ago and the numbers are as follows



I have changed the wiring harness, changed the port its on and still no

I still get Bad Lidar Health and sonar range and Sonar voltage are both 0

Open a terminal (TeraTerm or any) and connect @ 115200
Do you read distance?

Ok I again connected it to the app.

Seems to work fine. I notice that when ever I start the app the pix mode
is not checked and when I connect to the com port it remains unchecked.
If I put it into Pixmode the graph stops working.

If Pixmode is a setting that it should retain I have no clue how to get
it to save, there is no write function and the send command has no
effect that I can see.

I am not sure what else to check

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Yes it seems to work well in the app. I have noticed a setting called
pix mode which sort of sounds like Pixhawk. However checking that box
stops the display.

I am not sure what to check now

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When you set pixmode, the output should be readable characters.
This is why I ask to check on a serial terminal program to confirm that this is the case.
If you can read distances, then its just a matter of gettingTX data to RX of the Pixhawk

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Its weird it works great on teh app.

But connected to the Pixhawk and I get bad Lidar health. I am missing
something just not sure what

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By default , the TFMINI is outputting Binary format, in order to make it work with Pixhawk as a Lightware emulation you have to change mode to pix.

To change mode, you need to send this string = 42 57 02 00 00 00 04 06
You do a ctrl-c and ctrl-v in the app send box and hit send.
Its now in pix mode and you should confirm by reading from a serial terminal emulator.
Once mode has changed, it is permanent (until you send another command to revert).

Do these steps and you will have a functioning Lidar with pixhawk

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I see

I just need to find a serial terminal then.

Right now if I select Pixmode the screen stops so I assume thats becuase
its outputting to text.

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I am using Tera Term on windows 10

In teh app itself Pix mode gives nothing

If I open a hyper terminal I get a series of Y’s and other such information.

I am not sure what to config Hyper terminal to do

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See now that was what I was missing. I now get a sonarrange. However no
sonar voltage, or at least I did. It seems to now be stuck on one range
and not updating.

However I am much closer now.

Thank you

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This is why you need to look at tera term to configm what you see = You need to have a screen like I showed above (message 6)


Yes makes sense.
It appears to be working now. I see two problems I need to resolve. First I think the cable I made up isn’t working so need to make up a new one and second no sonarvoltage. However it seems to work. Going to make a new cable and see how accurate the range is after that

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Sorry, we are updating APP and firmware in the near future. Some information is not consistent. You can modify your TFmini to fit your flight control with the following instructions;
Input at the command window:42 57 02 00 00 00 04 06
don’t forget to click ENTER after the input is finished.
TFmini Internal Serial Port Debug Command.pdf (619.1 KB)

Thank you all for your help. The Benewake is working. I think the documentation needs to be updated to include a statement about Pixmode. I am seriously impressed with the accuracy. I have measured the physical distance its reporting on and its dead on. Thats awesome. I dont’ understand the Sonarvoltage reading zero but I suspect thats due to it being serial and not analog…

One last question, the pixhawk and other such devices have limited serial ports, can these be daisy chained or can I use an SPI to I2C converter and use the I2C port instead.

Cool :slight_smile:

I agree, I2C would be really fine !!

I found a cheap SIP to I2C converter so when it arrives I am going to see if it gives me lidar over I2c. Then I can have my second GPS back. Damn pixhawks don’t have enough serial ports

For that you would have to write a new driver, or ‘‘spoof’’ an existing one, that can be done but its more difficult.

You can use uart 5 now , or mavlink the lidar == I am working on a new project base on this, I will write a blog soon , stay tuned :wink: