Benewake TF02 CAN Bus version and CAN BUS USB Dongle

Any recommendation on which USB to CAN/BUS adaptors people have used with Benewake TF02.

I found few.

  1. CANOpen J1939 DeviceNet USBCAN-2 CANalyst-II


  1. Cost effective

I did some test in the past, using the BLUEPILL

Now there is some commercial units available from these :

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Thank you. This will help!

I liked how you added 3 more Serial ports to Pixhawk :slight_smile: Nice work…

Hopefully we will never use serial ever again and all devices switch to CAN…

Unfortunately, the dumpsters will be full of Pixhawk left over hardwares…lol

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Good day,
i advice you the mRo can node, it has a more recent MCU and more ram. Now the firmwares for can node can be flashed with MP or if you want you can use an mro x2.1 777 as dongle for flash the firmware using CAN GUI tool.
In this link you can find the firmwares for your node:

Thanks. I like mRo products. good company. I will go with them.

I agree with you, if you want for flash the firmware on can node you can use the x2.1 777 configured as a dongle.

How do you connect this to Windows? I see no USB port.

So you have to have Mission Planner running.

What If I want to test any other CAN device?

me im using the mRo x2.1777 configured as a dongle… using the can gui tool you can connect it using Windows or linux

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if you want test other can devices you can do it using can gui tool, you need connect it on the can bus port of the dongle and just use the can gui tool

Can you show me your wiring diagram, how are you connecting it with a USB port?


Is the search feature in our forum group really bring backs desired results?

Last year I was looking for a solution to add more serials to Pixhawk and your article never came up.

I think the forum (Open source software) is not using proper search logic.

Does the search feature only works against headings of the posts or also looks for keywords inside the contents?

No just heading unfortunately …anyway if you are looking for great experimentation , just follow my blogs ! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

yes, you do some really cool stuff. Ask me to join you next time. I love designing new things and solving complex issues. not a UAV expert, but know electronics well.

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You can use a CubeOrange (other H7 controllers also) as a USB can interface using the second USB endpoint, see the SLCAN params,

on the mRo x2.1 777 there is a JST-GH connector on the bottom of the serials ports (left side), that connector is for the usb cable, on the top down right side you have the CAN PORT connector. On mro x2.1 777 you don’t need reverse the lines H and L coz the signal is regular and its not reversed, so no need modify any cable

Peter - between you and I, I am honestly concerned about Cube product line (Black and Orange) and here 2+ GPS. I have not used them in real flight yet, as I am patiently watching all the blog posts so far. My gut feeling tells me that this product was prematurely released for GA.

Here is my video of Orange won’t even load firmware.

I only build big birds mostly. By the time I am done, I have over $10,000 worth of equipment onboard.

The good old Pixhawk 2.4.8 worked flawlessly for me so far and I know how to fix most problems.

Just my 2 cents.

How do i get to your blog?

Well, basically just serach for my name or look at my profile… btw I just published a new one with the TF02-Pro :wink:

I have never had any issues with Cube products, Cube Black it certainly the most widely used autopilot in commercial drones.

re loading firmware, I don’t think your USB hub is helping. Did you try without? Are you using the latest mission planner? You may have to download the specific cube orange build from the server and load using the custom firmware button. This is because it ships with no firmware, once you have done it once it will flash as normal.