Battery '"Estimate"' percentage

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Today’s my topic is should we can change battery log performance , like when ever I plugin battery it will show battery is 100% (whatever voltage) like this

So my think is when battery plug in then battery voltage check and convert in percentage and then goo.

Like this

4.20. = 100%
4.10. = 90%
4.00. = 80%
3.95. = 70%
3.90. = 60%
3.85. = 50%
3.80. = 40%
3.75. = 30%
3.70. = 20%
3.65. = 10%
3.60. = 00%

my battery total mah = 6000 mah
Like …

1st screenshot = 14.72v
14.72v ÷ 4 (4s battery) = 3.68v. It means battery is 8%. When 100% --> 6000mah
So 8% --> (?)

------------- = 420mah

2nd screenshot = 15.53v
15.53v ÷ 4 = 3.88v. it means battery is 58%
When 100% --> 6000mah
So 58% --> (?)

------------- = 3480mah

Change think :- when plugin battery and then calculate estimate voltage and convert in percentage and start to viewing consume mah.

Is it right ??? And can we do this ?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

There have been many discussions about this feature and why it is hard to implement.
One thread you can find here:

or here:

Another thread that can be closed. You cannot use battery pack voltage to determine remaining capacity. Start with a full charged battery or you won’t know.

Yeah read all posts.

But it’s not to i taking to implement , I’m just share my think (is it right way to show battery “estimate” percentage) also suggested (can we do that or not)

And I’m not really knowledgeable guy to understand all things I’m like a begginer :smile: in this field soo my all things are sharing.

Afcource differents battery differents brands have differents voltage drop so we can’t measure with voltage.
But my meaning is when we start (no load = battery volts is stable [estimate , because there consume some current system also ESC and motor] ) there is no big voltage drop between when install or plugin battery. So calculate that time "Estimate percentage and continue with consume as a current draw. Is it possible ?

Many time (recently face compass problem then half flight to land and calibrate compass and replug the battery) is not possible to do that, i hope you understand what I’m talking about , and my english is poor :sweat_smile: , please forgive me when I’m something wrong.

That’s my think , is it right ???
PLEASE let me know when I’m wrong , then improve my things to think.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Please read all posts from both threads posted above. That way you will understand the problem.

I understand what problem is there but I’m say “Estimate” = not 100%
“Estimate” = nearly ~

I think I don’t understand you people very well, maybe. :thinking: I wanna give you example.

See when I plug in battery there is no more voltage drop (0.01) because I think no more components and also my battery have 50c raring Aldo 6000mah :thinking: , when plug in battery then calculate voltage and also calculate percentage also “Estimate” mah and continue with consume current status.

I hope all are understands may be because I think I can’t explain you what I’m exactly say.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m simply telling you what you posted originally is wrong and you can’t estimate battery capacity used or remaining from battery pack voltage. There is no communication issue here. And not that I’m inclined to watch your video anyway but access is denied. But please don’t bother to correct that.

Ok sir I’m moving on.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok after 3 years I’m coming back to haunt this thread.

Everyone is saying it’s hard to implement, yet we had successfully implemented this feature in a version of the old 3DR TOWER app for one of our drones back in 2017!

It successfully conducted thousands of autonomous flights with hundreds of users.

Here’s how we did it and I can’t believe no one has done that in 2023…

Start by setting the battery size (capacity) i.e 5000mah.

Then on startup -before pulling any current take a voltage sample: use the voltage sample to extrapolate the charge percentage i.e 70% - REMEMBER!

This doesn’t have to be super accurate. It’s okay to be up or down by 10%

Convert percentage to remaining capacity.

70% of 5000 is 3500mah

Knowing the approx. Starting capacity it’s only a matter of simple substraction.

I.e 3500 (start capacity) - 1000 (drawn nah) = 2500

Convert this back to % and voila !

It works like a charm. Not good for mission critical decisions but better than what we have.
Keeps the user informed about the approximate flight time left.

Just my 2c.

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#1: As CyberPilot pointed out, this is not tough to implement. Use a LUT or polynomial mapping voltage to %.
#2: If you don’t want to implement it for x/y/z reasons, don’t show the percent; show voltage, ideally per-cell. (Without clicking the battery icon; total voltage can be currently shown this way). Showing 100% is misleading, and not having a top-level indication of battery voltage or level is dangerous; it’s one of the most important things for a GCS, OSD etc to display.