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Barometer (external) PROBLEM

(Aleksandr Popov) #1

Hello! There was a big problem when connecting an external barometer to the ArduCopter 3.6.5 (Last stable). In the full list of settings there is no such parameter as GND_PROBE_EXT: External barometers to probe

Therefore, I can configure it external barometer. I want to know why this parameter is missing? Indeed, at the very beginning of the article it is written that since version 3.6 there is such an opportunity.

pixhawk 2.4.6

(Aleksandr Popov) #2

I can’t find it. Can someone check it? Please.

(Marcin) #3

I found this parameter in the 3.7.0 firmware for KAKUTE F7 but I have not found in the firmware for the pixhawk. It looks like the developers have forgotten to implement an external barometer for pixhawk. I am also interested to connect an external barometer. I will wait until it is possible…

(Aleksandr Popov) #4

It is very sad that the developers made such a mistake, maybe they should say it somehow, don’t know if there are any topics or email for bug reports?

(Aleksandr Popov) #5

I have installed ArduPlane 3.9.5 AND ALSO THERE ARE NO SUCH POINT.

(Aleksandr Popov) #6

Last beta (ArduCopter V3.6.6-rc2)

(Marcin) #7

The external barometer in the firmware version 3.6.6 will be included extensively. I heard from the developer :slight_smile:

(Aleksandr Popov) #8

Wow! I look forward to this! Thanks for answer :slight_smile: