Avoidance Experiments with the POC and Benewake TFMINI

Yes i do , deploy and retract. ( sorry for my english ).

wow very cool how did yo do that.

Not really much :slight_smile: just setup a RC channel on option 29 and link it to a servo output . The Mavlink text appeared .image

The text seems to come from the Landing_gear.cpp

Oh cool so it’s a default message then in Mavlink. Great to know thank you.

Dear [ppoirier],

could you tell us what configuration to use in mission planner - ardupilot to setup POC rangefinder I2C?

Thank you

Please read the second part

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Hello sir,
I want quest about setup upward facing lidar
I’m using Lidar liter v3, in orientation forward facing lidar, the object avoidance can work
but if i’m setup orientation upward facing, there massage Prearm check proximity sensor

any idea ?
thanks before

@Dewa if you can send your parameters (or a .bin log file) and tell me what version of Copter are you running, we can probably pin point the problem

@rishabsingh3003 im using copter 4.0.7

in proximity sensor
PRX_TYPE,4 (rangefinder)

proximity sensor can’t read (massage Prearm check proximity sensor)
all orientations work fine except facing up

@Dewa this seems to be a very small bug in our Proximity library.
I’ll fix it soon but it’ll probably only be available on Copter 4.1 beta, not 4.0.7.
If you have a forward-facing rangefinder, and an upward-facing rangefinder, it should still work. The problem is only when we have an independent upward rangefinder.
Sorry for the trouble

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@rishabsingh3003 wow…this is very helpful information
So, if I use 2 lidars with Upward facing rangefinder and down facing rangefinder, will it work too?

@Dewa it’s very unlikely that would work. Only a forward-facing lidar + upward-facing together might work.
What flight controller do you use? Will, you able to test the bug fix if I send across the fix on top of Copter 4.0.7 (you will have to flash the firmware again through Mission Planner)? You can of course flash the firmware back to 4.0.7 official (without taking off) as soon as you confirm the prearm checks are fine.

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@rishabsingh3003 Im using Omnibus F4 Pro
I really hope if I get the update and can test it soon
I am very grateful :smile:

I saw the experiment, for Upward facing and downward facing and successful
I don’t know if there’s a difference

@Dewa That’s probably because he also has a working forward-facing lidar connected to the Copter.

The bug is that while checking for the status of the rangefinder proximity sensor (whether the sensor is healthy or not), it is only checking for horizontal rangefinders. This means if you have an upward only rangefinder… it’s ignoring it and complaining that there is no proximity device detected even though you have the param switched on (PRX_TYPE). You can trick the problem, by adding a horizontal rangefinder and that way the status should again become okay and everything will work.

As a test, if you have two rangefinders connected, change one of the RNGFND_ORIENT to be 0, and the other to be 24, it should again start working.

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@rishabsingh3003 maybe u can see at second part in video
he just using upward facing and downward facing without forward

@Dewa I’ll have to confirm with Randy how he got this working. Perhaps it was a bug introduced after Copter 3.6. It’s definitely a bug 4.0.x onwards :slight_smile:

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@rishabsingh3003 Lol…
maybe that’s how it is
great hope it can be realized in the latest firmware :smiley:

@Dewa this has been fixed in Master, and will probably roll out in the next beta release

Hello @ppoirier
Can this MAVLink PRX sensor work with the telemetry radio ??
After I connect this Sensor , there are no telemetry radio’s data feedback

These sensors can generate a lot of traffic and overload the radio link. You can mitigate this situation by reducing the proximity message rate or just keep the message local to FC by configuring mavlink routing to target_system