Avatar style Bi Copter

3d printing a Avatar style Bi-Copter that uses 2 tilting rotors mounted left right. Lots of time with Ardupilot on Quads, but this is a new frame style for me.

This One: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/rc-avatar-scorpion

I could use my Omnibus Flip 32-F4 V3 with Beta flight as suggested, or one of my PixRacers.
What Ardupilot code do I use for this if I go Ardupilot? Plane or Copter?
I don’t dee a Bi-Copter option in Mission Planner Copter setup, but guessing this is a Plane (Tiltrotor) frame?

I have seen a few posts re Bi-Copters but most of them seem to be more of the fore/aft motors, or a 90 degree tilt motor setup on a plane like an Osprey.
I would love to go with Ardupilot and use the Omnibus as I have a spare and have used it on a Quad with no problems.
Any suggestions from anyone on settings for either FC?

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you can use copter, frame class = 10. Use the tilt left, tilt right, throttle left and throttle right servo outputs

THANKS Peter! What took you so long to get back !!! :grin:
You folks are great, this ought to be fun to try.

Did that fly? Other attempts I have seen for a craft like this (V-22 like but no cyclic/swash) were unstable in pitch.

It did. currently have on bench to swap out FC to a pixracer. It does take a lot of tuning to get to fly , but I hope pixracer will improve. Need to make sure all links are zero slop! I went with ball links.

Hello Joe ! I try to do the same bicopter with the parts recommended by the creator but It simply doesn’t want to cooperate.
When I throttle the motors it makes the servos move wierd and after I arm the bicopter and I want to throttle it self accelerates to it’s maximum power.

Can you guide me to solve this problem please?

Did you ever get a solution to this please? Sounds like I’m getting the exact same issue!