Autotune not saved

I tried to autotune the quad today. It went on great. The problem is that when the autotune succeeded, I changed from Alt hold to Stabilize. Now I read on here, that the quad must remain in Alt mode or else the pids don’t save. What happened in my case was I changed to Stabilize, then channel 7 to low and back to high to test it. It wasn’t any different. Then I disarmed in high position. The pids did not change. Is there a way to get them from logs or do I have to start over?

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I was told it may be a bug in the code thats being chased down. Right now fly it in autotune, then leave it there when done. Land and disarm. It will save the pids then. I ran into the same problem and that was the work around.

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You need to disarm in Autotune mode. That’s it, do it over.


I think that you might figure out from this thread a way to get the pids

Yes, just staying in Alt hold with Autotune on worked. The values were saved.

As if by magic. lol.
Glad to hear it all worked out for you.

It’s easier to switch into Autotune from PosHold. Then you don’t have to re-center the craft as it wanders away while twitching. And after Autotune completes it doesn’t matter what mode you decide to fly around in as long as you are back in Autotune when disarming. If you want to save the tuned parameters that is.

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