AutoTune: failing to level, please tune manually

I’m trying to do an autotune using Arducopter 4.1.5, one axis at a time, on my drone. It has a throttle-based notch filter set and initial params set from the MP wizard.

To be honest, the Pitch/DesPitch etc graphs are okay but all the same, I wanted to do a proper autotune having heard it gave the best results.

I took off in AltHold and switched to AutoTune, but now am getting the “AutoTune: failing to level, please tune manually” error message. I never saw this when I did AutoTune for all axes at once (I am not doing that because it takes too long and the batteries run out).

I provide my params and a dataflash log here:

Download it first then use my username as the password.

Does anyone know why this is going wrong? I read just one other thread on here on the same issue but it provided no clues. In case it matters, I see that my drone is drifting a bit despite the wind being <5mph.

Many thanks.

Make sure to read and follow Evaluating the aircraft tune — Copter documentation before starting the autotune.

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Thanks, I read the link and don’t see any overshoot while flying; I did some quite dramatic flying and there was no oscillation. e.g. flying full stick to the left with ANGLE_MAX at 80 degrees then releasing the stick. (This was a separate log/flight to the autotune one.) Please see graph below of the normal flying:

This is a graph of roll during autotune:

It appears to be doing something. I just wish I knew why it was not working.

I had this same issue like Autotune failing level please manual tune while doing all axes at once…during each axis autotune i got this error message but end of flight i got autotune success message. See the thread here.

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