Arrange up to 9 range finders for obstacle avoidance

Hello all,

I would like to provide my drone with obstacle avoidance capabilities. I found this information:

Were it says I can arrange 8 1d rangefinder and one on the top for obstacle avoidance. However I does not explain how to wire and connect all the sensors to the pixhawk, it only explains how to connect one. I would like to know, if I keep adding sensors, where should I connect them.

Thank you in advance



Maybe this page can help you :

Yep, actually this one is more up to date and easier to implement as there is no signal transformation, just I2C device ID to program

Hello, thanks a lot guys for the answer.

I went trough this two posts. COngrats, you did an amazing job!!! I am interested in a Obstacle avoidance system that could be small, lightweight and also small sized. That’s why I find really interesting using the VL53L1X, as you did at the beginning despite of the short range. I want the system only for indoor use.

I saw something interesting:

Someone made a board with all the sensors integrated and ready to be used:


But I dont know where I could buy this boards. If it is not possible to buy, I would love to try to built my own prototype with the smallest Arduino I could find and make some testing. COuld you please guide me a bit with that?

Thanks in advance

I think you could try to contact him, I see they have submitted a driver for merging but there are some conflicts.
As for the POC, you can certainly use the VL53L1x that offer better range with minimal code modification as they have similar registers mapping.

As I often says, start small and easy… make a basic prototype work and then add some complexity

I have no clue how to contact them, I saw their space in Github but I am not sure if I could contact them thought that. Also I look for ipmgroup on google and the company that appears does not look like they are manufacturing sensors :sweat_smile: