Arming with center throttle

So I am using a companion computer to code some behaviors into my drone. Since my rc transmitter has two centered sticks and I was going to always arm with loiter, I am wondering if it’s possible configure ardupilot to accept arm when throttle is in middle position, or am I going to have add something like a force arm command to accomplish this?

Why not arm with a switch for that use case.

You do not need to force arm anything. Arming can be accomplished by RC switch like Dave indicates or via GCS (MAVLink).

Are you looking for PILOT_THR_BHV = 7?

i thought any kind of arm attempt would result in the same thing, so if a place a condition for this case to arm, it will arm, even if the throttle is high?

isn’t that only after arming?

The stick arming procedure is the same as normal even with spring-centered throttle, that doesnt change.
And you should still have control of the sticks after arming, you dont arm and release the sticks to do whatever they like.

I use an arming switch in the Taranis/OpenTX, but search because there’s multiple ways to do that

before this double centered stick rc transmitter, I had one which the throttle stick wasn’t centered, and if I tried to arm through MP, and the throttle was at middle it wouldn’t arm, so I became confused with a centered stick, if I tried to arm through MP, would happen the same thing if I left the stick at its default position.