ArduPilot Antenna Tracker

thanks very much i’m on to try that today !
still don’t know why i cannot select the field borometeror gps for altitude pitch controll

Hi Jeremy,

I also have the same problem of not being able to select the pitch control field. I flashed the AT firmware with the earliest version of 0.8. to APM2.6 . This does not help either.
Other than this, do you get the tracker working ? If yes, I will send you the details of my setup. Can you comment on what I have missed that it does not work ?

Antennatracker 0.8 does not have the ootion to select the altitude source, that is why the field is greyed out.

I flashed the APM2.6 with Antenna Tracker V 0.7.2 . However, the “Type” fields for yaw and pitch servos are greyed out, same as the “pitch range of movement” field. Any idea why ? See attached.

I assume altitude source is also not an option even for V0.7.2

Am waiting for a Pixhawk which is in mail to me. Will try using it as a tracker controller. But I saw people were successful using APM as a tracker controller.

You can always go to the full parameter list and setup everything there. This is what I do most if the time, because then I can be certain all values are where and what they should be.
I can not remember when position servos were added, perhaps 0.72 did not support them.

hi, i use your parameters, can it be for servo pan rotation without using gear? so i immediately use 180 degree servo to rotate pan. if not, which part should I change in the parameter?
Thank you in advance

Hello GreCovey nice work i am build this ground station with my students and wanted to ask for your advice

Hi Elpidoforos,

The ground station looks great! What is your question?

Welcome to the APM forums!

Basically i wanted to know what hardware i need to buy and also if i can use this system to do it

The basic building blocks for the APM Antenna Tracker (AAT) can be found in the WiKi. I am not familiar with the H16 Smart Remote Control System but you can use it independently from the AAT just by using a different serial port on the Pixhawk flight controller in the aircraft. Essentially, your vehicle has a separate RF link to the AAT. If the 3DR-type telemetry unit doesn’t provide sufficient range, you can swap either or both ends with an RFD900 Radio Modem.

If your intent was to rebroadcast the APM MavLink telemetry to the AAT via the H16 Smart Remote Control System, I do not know if it is capable of doing this.

Good luck!

Have you tested any of this ?

€ 875,32 | MyFlyDream Crossbow Automatic Antenna Tracker AAT

No, but they seem to have a good following. The mini Crossbow has a good price. Check out the threads on RC Groups below.

MyFlyDream mini Crossbow AAT
Maybe it’s the best Tracking Antenna?

Thanks can i ask you do you know a good telemetry link for more than 60km i found this one

This will work with myflydream antenna tracker

The RFD radios work very reliably over great distances.

@GregCovey Hi, Thanks for this post.
I am facing an issue that when I connect my antenna tracker with mission planner, I can only see my antenna tracker’s location on MP but I cannot see my quad.
How can I solve this?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Sorry for the bump but were you able to find a solution for this issue?

@ochimana_mustapha Yes, I was able to solve it.

Please how did you do it?


Connect two telemetries to your GCS. One of the telemetry should be paired with your drone’s telemetry whereas the other telemetry should be paired with your antenna tracker’s telemetry to communicate with Antenna Tracker.

After making these connections, simply follow the steps as mentioned here:

I will try it. Thank you.