Arducopter on parrot mambo?


I have build and run arducopter on parrot bebop. It works well. I do some search but find nothing about arducopter on parrot mambo (mini drone). May I ask anyone try to bring arducopter to mambo before? Thank you very much


I got it fly!. please see Ardupilot on parrot mambo minidrone. it fly



Wow, another big improvement! Did you have to change any software to make it work?

@tridge is interested in this too.

Hi @rmackay9 thank you
Yes, I change ardupilot bebop code for mambo. My test code is I use education firmware from parrot deveoper the toolchain I used to build ardupilot is

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nicely done!
do you plan to open a PR for this against master?

Thank you.
Yes. I will open a PR once I finish more testing :slight_smile:

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What generation Bebop?

Have you tested against Bebop2/Bebop2 POWER?

This is for minidrone Mambo. I think ardupilot already support bebop and bebop2

Sorry,I was referring back to where you said you build and run ArduCopter for your Bebop… I’m tempted by one, but want good support in ArduCopter so I’m not limited by Parrot’s firmware.

Regardless, awesome you got it running on their toy grade Mambo!

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