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Ardupilot on parrot mambo minidrone. it fly


(Chobitsfan) #1


I am trying to port arducopter to parrot mambo. The toolchain I used is downloaded from here. I modify parrot bebop code for mambo. My branch is here. The way to build and run is just like bebop. For bluetooth PAN connection, I use education firmware from parrot-developers.

Currently, I can build and run arducopter on mambo. I can arm throttle from usb serial using mavproxy. The motors will spin. I can telnet to mambo through bluetooth PAN. But after I start arducopter (from usb serial) , bluetooth connection is hang. If I abort arducopter, bluetooth is back. It seems like arducopter use too much CPU resources and linux can not spare time for bluetooth service. I have disable most features but still not working. Is there anything I can do to reduce CPU usage? Or there is something I miss?

Thank you very much

Arducopter on parrot mambo?
(Chobitsfan) #2

It works :slight_smile:

(Chobitsfan) #3

after some tuning, it is much better
altitude hold mode

this is parameters
mambo.parm (16.1 KB)

(Chobitsfan) #4

fly in guided mode (using motion capture system for external navigation) to specific point

(Parrot Developers) #5

impressive :slight_smile:
I think I will contact you soon!

(Chobitsfan) #6

Thank you, I think Parrot Mambo has great potential in swarm development.

(Alex) #7

hi @chobitsfan, these are really great results.
One question: does the mambo utilize the onboard optical flow camera 0.3MP, or is the steering done using only an external system tracking the position of the drone?
In both cases: it looks great!
PS: would it be difficult to port the code for parrot swing for outdoor flying? Mambo and Swing have almost identical hardware systems, except that Swing is a tailsitter plane. Cheers!

(Chobitsfan) #8

Thank you. It does not use the optical flow camera on-board and rely on external motion capture system to keep itself loiter.

(Choi Ryan) #9

Hi. I’m trying to copy what you’ve done and fly mambo with ardupilot. Could you please provide bit more detailed instructions you’ve written at ?

I’m not familiar with flashing drone and ftp file transfer.


(julienberaud) #10

I had missed that. Looks great :slight_smile: