Ardupilot on parrot mambo minidrone. it fly


I am trying to port arducopter to parrot mambo. The toolchain I used is downloaded from here. I modify parrot bebop code for mambo. My branch is here. The way to build and run is just like bebop. For bluetooth PAN connection, I use education firmware from parrot-developers.

Currently, I can build and run arducopter on mambo. I can arm throttle from usb serial using mavproxy. The motors will spin. I can telnet to mambo through bluetooth PAN. But after I start arducopter (from usb serial) , bluetooth connection is hang. If I abort arducopter, bluetooth is back. It seems like arducopter use too much CPU resources and linux can not spare time for bluetooth service. I have disable most features but still not working. Is there anything I can do to reduce CPU usage? Or there is something I miss?

Thank you very much


It works :slight_smile:

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after some tuning, it is much better
altitude hold mode

this is parameters
mambo.parm (16.1 KB)


fly in guided mode (using motion capture system for external navigation) to specific point


impressive :slight_smile:
I think I will contact you soon!


Thank you, I think Parrot Mambo has great potential in swarm development.

hi @chobitsfan, these are really great results.
One question: does the mambo utilize the onboard optical flow camera 0.3MP, or is the steering done using only an external system tracking the position of the drone?
In both cases: it looks great!
PS: would it be difficult to port the code for parrot swing for outdoor flying? Mambo and Swing have almost identical hardware systems, except that Swing is a tailsitter plane. Cheers!


Thank you. It does not use the optical flow camera on-board and rely on external motion capture system to keep itself loiter.

Hi. I’m trying to copy what you’ve done and fly mambo with ardupilot. Could you please provide bit more detailed instructions you’ve written at ?

I’m not familiar with flashing drone and ftp file transfer.


I had missed that. Looks great :slight_smile:

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Really interesting work!

I’m also trying to copy this - I’ve gotten the custom bluetooth firmware you mentioned installed, but do you have any more info on where to go from here? I’m relatively new in general to the Ardu[Pilot|Copter] development area in general but willing to learn!


Hi dear, is it possible to have all steps to implement ardupilot on mambo parrot? thanks in advance for your attention