ArduCopter 7" Long-Range Standard Build

I’m find my problem - this related to mix_man i’m think -

Need test this…
As i’m understand in acro mode with acro_options for airmode - mix_man using only in acro mode?

But - why you not changing mix_man for this 7 inch quad?

I am using MIX_MAN, I have posted my updated tune for 4.2 with DJI VTX

Ok - i’m see - 4.
This value safe for any other modes?

It’s safe, just be careful on takeoff and landing as you will get a lot of reaction from the ground and the copter will tend to bounce.

I’m already used to it - on betaflight he jumps like a hare :smiley:

I’m need see on AP ))

Dear Andy,

thanks for the very detailed build log!!
During difficulties tuning a Rekon7 i came across the question what about the FLTT params. Using the initial tuning spreadsheet they are set equally to the FLTD params. Above you are only talking about changing
ATC_RAT_RLL_FLTD and ATC_RAT_PIT_FLTD. How did you to set *_FLTT?

I have strong oscillations in act. PIDP/PIDR log and large deviations between PIDP target and actual…

Hey were you able to get Ardupilot on your Flywoo LR (assuming it’s the Explorer)? If so what FC do you have and what target did you pick? I have a newer one that I’d like to switch to AP, from the chip specs it should work but I can’t find any target close, its a Goku GN405 Nano.

Its a custom build. I use a MambaF405 as FC.

FLTT really only affects control from the EKF and ANGLE_P. Values of 30 should be fine. I run at 60 just to make sure it is not damping anything.

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Yes AP works very well with my Flywoo 4” LR

I did buy the kit and I purchase flywoo motor.

Holybro F7 mini V2 (has to be v2!)
Holybro tekk32 mini (blheli32, only newest firmware works, or not all motors start every time)
Iflight gps v2 w/ compass
R9 mini (with elrs firmware)
Vista dji Air unit.
Flywoo 18650 4s pack.

Oh and I did remove the middle posts to get the FC to fit.

I also have a rekon 5” now with the same FC but I have a hglrc esc.

Ohhh gotcha, I was hoping you somehow had it working on the stock FC lol. I have a feeling I’ll just be rebuilding it with a new FC/ESC at some point anyway. Thanks!!

I would like to publicly thank @andyp1per and @Leonardthall for their valuable advice.
Acro on Ardupilot is not trivial at all, forget Betaflight, iNav and the like, here the thing is a little more complex but absolutely more versatile.
For now I have arrived here, we can definitely improve.
The setup is in the video description.


I’m not happy with my arducopter yaw PID setup on these acro small drones. It never seems to be dialed in, I’ve tried auto-turn setups a manual tweaks.

Try doing a yaw D tune and then setting ATC_ACCEL_Y_MAX to 3x what autotune gives you

Hey @andyp1per I would love some assistance fine tuning and getting bidirectional DSHOT working on our 10in fpv drones.

Are you or anyone available for hire for some consultation help?


Share with us whatever it is that’s happening.

I offered my services but so far no response

ha! i was referring to @LIGHTCRAFT.

I want to ask for help. I assembled a quadcopter:

Frame-iFlight XL10V5
FC-Matek H743-SLIM-V3
ESC – Tekko32 F4 Metal 4in1 65A ESC
Motors – iFlight XING X2814 880KV
Props - HQPROP 10X5X3

I did the pre-settings, set the hover throttle, turned on the bi-directional dshot, flew a bit. The quadcopter flies well even on standard PIDs.

Then I decided to make a filtering setup. I turned on the logs, hung around a bit, determined the frequency at which the filtering needs to be set (72 hz), turned on mode 3 (INS_HNTCH_MODE = 3), made the settings according to the instructions. After the settings, I decided to check the quadcopter. As soon as it begins to take off from the ground, it begins to vibrate very strongly. I turn off the filtering - the vibrations disappear. After that, I try to try mode 4 (INS_HNTCH_MODE = 4) - strong vibrations also begin immediately after takeoff.

Here is my log before filters are enabled - DropMeFiles – free one-click file sharing service
Here is my log after enabling filters - DropMeFiles – free one-click file sharing service

Friends, help to understand what the problem is and solve it.

Thanks in advance to everyone for any advice.

I suspect this is phase lag oscillation. Its common when switching from an unfiltered build to a filtered build with notch-per-motor. I recommend you reduce all your pids by 25% and then again until it goes away and then run autotune